Election Results

Mexican Flag/MapA projected PRI victory in the presidential election. The breakdown of votes.

Also, it looks like Jorge Aristóteles Sandoval, the PRI candidate for governor of Jalisco, defeated the PAN candidate, Fernando Guzmán. Those of you who have been following the Tenacatita saga may remember that Guzmán is a crony of the developer Villalobos. When Guzmán served as secretary of the government, he consistently supported Rodenas actions, and Guzmán’s (probably paid) supporters attacked Tenacatitans at a demonstration in Guadalajara this May.

So a Sandoval victory may be good news for the people of Tenacatita. According to current results, Guzmán came in third! Viva la lucha!

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  1. Chile says:

    Villalobos was supporting the past PAN governor but is a member of the PRI party. With any luck he is not in favor with new gov.

  2. churpa says:

    Interesting. Do you know anything about Sandoval?