El Codo's Baja Cost of Traveling Update

Mexican Peso 1982

How much will it cost you to travel in Baja? In Baja, prices are similar to those found in northern mainland México along tourist corridors. A cheapest “feel-every-spring-in-the-bed” single hotel room will cost around 250 pesos ($19.00 USD). In general, groceries are more expensive than they are in the USA. Mexican staples remain inexpensive, but in tourist enclaves expect prices to be higher.

In Cabo San Lucas you’ll find ten dollar hamburgers and 2-star hotel rooms priced like they’ve grown another star or two. San Jose del Cabo is less costly but still out of reach of my budget. To the north, smaller places like Pescadero, and Todos Santos are more reasonable. The east coast between La Paz and San Jose del Cabo offers small beach side communities with affordable camping.

Eating out: In Mulege, I patronize a bright yellow cocina economica restaurant that offers a daily special for 50 pesos, around four dollars. Elsewhere a typical chilaquiles breakfast will set me back sixty to eighty pesos with coffee adding 15 more pesos to the tab. Around seven dollars and change, total.

In short: Baja California is not cheap anymore. But what saves the day for budget campers is the low cost of beach camping and fixing your own meals.