Ebyline Wants to Create an iTunes for Journalism – NYTimes.com

the relationship between freelance journalists and the newspapers, magazines and websites they write for is archaic and inefficient (as someone who recently worked for a major newspaper, I can vouch for this). Freelancers have to cold-call publishers and then negotiate their own rates, then they have to invoice and manage their own billing and payment. Ebyline automates that process, handling all the billing and payment between the writer and the publisher. Freelancers can also “self-syndicate” by putting their content up for bid in Ebyline’s marketplace.

In a recent post on Talk About Mexico, Jeff O’Brian questioned how a writer can survive financially in the current free-for-all state of affairs that exists on the internet. Yesterday’s request for paid writers by Robin Noelle of Facebook is one possibility, and this NY Times article about an online journalism broker could well be another. Syndication of articles about Mexico has the potential to produce serious income for a serious working writer.