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  1. Carl says:

    Before answering your question I’d like to ask that in future you sign your name to your posts and comments. Lorena and I aren’t anonymous and we really prefer to address our readers by name.

    Driving time to Basaseachic… it depends a great deal on the time of year and the current condition of the road, but you’d better figure that it will take a long day, dawn to dark, or perhaps even longer. You can read a good account of travelling this route via motorcycle here:


    saludos, Carl

  2. Basaseachic is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in all of Mexico, and a place that’s very special in my heart. I have been there several times, including once before the highway was completed from Hermosillo.

    In 1991, the year I turned 40 and underwent a midlife crisis, I spent 3 days and nights perched on a rock in the canyon overlooking the falls. Passing that time alone, without sleep or food or water, I sought and received a vision.

    The drive from Hermosillo is lovely. I’d recommend allowing a day and a half, so you can enjoy the scenery and not push your speed on the mountain curves. The town of Yecora, Sonora, is a good place to spend the night, and from there you can arrive at Basaseachic in an easy half day.

    When you get there, it’s worth the easy hike to the top of the falls, as well as driving around to the other side of the canyon to get the view of the falls from afar.

    Steve Crofter