Disturbing News from Tenacatita

A picture of Tenacatita beach.Dobie writes to tell us that Villalobos continues to ignore the federal court order, and access to Tenacatita is still blocked. She writes, “A woman from Guadalajara drowned in the open ocean near the mouth of the river. She and her family had tried to go to the beach but weren’t allowed past the gate, so they went to the beach where the ocean is not protected and the waves are big and there are strong currents. She was on land, near the water, but a wave came and sucked her into the ocean. Her body wound up on the shore about 500 yards down the beach.

In further bad news, Dobie reports on the continuing saga of various restaurant owners who were cited for building palapa restaurants on the beach without a permit:”Six years ago many of the restaurant owners were cited for building on the beach without a permit. They were taken to jail and released on bail. First they had to go to Guadalajara every week to sign in, showing that they hadn’t left the country. It’s a 6 hour drive and they had to leave at 3 AM to arrive on time. Then they had to go every other week, and then once a month. There was finally a decision in the case and they were found guilty. The sentence is 2 years in jail and a 14,000 pesos fine ($1,100 US). They are appealing the sentence, but not the decision, which means that they can no longer hope for any restitution from Rodenas because they’ve admitted their guilt. They’re hoping the lawyer can negotiate and they’ll just be able to pay a fine without having any jail time.

And in even more bad news, the town pump in the nearby village of El Rebalisito finally broke and the people have been without water for over a week. The county has agreed to pay half of the cost for a new pump, and the town needs to raise the other half. So far they are half way there. Dobie writes, “So far the town has raised half, but it’s not looking good for the other half. Of course this is affecting the well being of everyone in town. The river (where people used to wash clothes before washing machines came to El Rebalsito) is still muddy from the rains, so it’s not a good place to do laundry. Luckily we had a pretty heavy rain several nights ago, so at least all the plants got a good watering.”

The Tenacatita Fund’s board of directors is currently voting on whether or not to donate some of its dwindling funds for the purchase of a new pump. (I voted yes! Please contact me if you would like to make a donation to make sure our friends from Tenacatita have clean drinking water.)

Dobie finishes this depressing report with the following: “Rodenas’ strategy of trying to wear us down is working. But we’re still hoping that ultimately the judges will respect the constitution and the laws of the country, and will restore the use of the beach to the people.”


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  1. -El Codo- says:

    Good grief! If the lady went into the water at “El Tecuan” it was foolish. El Tecuan’s beach, the sand is often scalloped from the insane violence of the waves.

    The people of Rebalsito should organize and start charging a hundred peso toll to get to the beach. This is the good old fashioned Mexicano way to show anger. Bet those guards wouldn’t like paying 200 pesos to get to and from the beach.

  2. Esteban Posos says:

    That’s just disgusting. Some of the best times in my life were at Playa Tenecatita. In fact, I met Carl Franz 38 years ago (when I was but a wee 20 years old) at Tenecatita. I was traveling on my first extended trip to Mexico which was partially inspired by as well as informed by The People’s Guide. I returned many times over the years but haven’t been to Tenecatita since 1994. At that time my friend Miguel had a palapa on playa mor which he loaned me for a couple of nights. I hope Miguel is doing well.

    This is very sad to hear.

    • churpa says:

      Hey Esteban!
      I was probably at the beach too on some of your visits…I don’t know what Miguel is up to, but I’m going to visit Rebalsito this Feb, so I’ll report back. Last time I saw him, he was doing fine. He had a beautiful thatched house he built in Rebalsito, and was hanging out with my friend, a cute gringa.