Destination: Querétaro

I’m not one to knock the pleasure of sipping a margarita while staring at the azure sea, but I do wish that more travelers would stray away from the coasts to see Mexico’s amazing highlands. Although I love the casual coastal scene, the inland has so much to offer in terms of history, architecture, cuisine, and the finer aspects of Mexico’s culture.

SF Gate recently listed the state of Querétaro as one of the five safest states in Mexico. Not only is Querétaro a safe choice, it’s also a beautiful and culturally rich destination. Located just northwest of Mexico City, the state boasts a huge eco reserve, picturesque Colonial towns, and fascinating historical sites and museums. For more on the state’s many charms, check out Geo-Mexico for an introduction to the spa town of Tequisquiapan and an informative post on The Peña de Bernal, one of the world’s largest rock formations, which is located near the offbeat town of San Sebastián Bernal.

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  1. Jeffrey O'Brien says:

    The farther in from the beach, the fewer the gringo tourists and the more the gringo travellers. Love love loved Real de Catorce.

  2. churpa says:

    Yeah, me too, though It’s been years. Last time I was there I was maybe eight or nine. I remember it being fantastic and eerie. I would love to return.