Cost of Living Update: Baja

A Mexican peso coin from 1982.How much will it cost me to live/travel in Mexico? This query has been making our top 10 FAQ for over forty years. Sadly, the answer has changed significantly since 1972, when the first edition of The People’s Guide to Mexico hit the shelves. But take heart! We can’t complain too much with a peso/dollar exchange rate of 15.  Keep in mind that the prices below are for Baja. The mainland, barring major tourist traps, should be a little cheaper.

Current official Mexican exchange rate, pesos to dollars: 15.05

Current Mexican (Baja) ATM fees: BanaMex charges 30 pesos
BanComer rates are 82 pesos per transaction.
Cost of gasoline in Baja: $3.40 (USD) gallon.
Food prices: (supermarket)
Flat of 30 Bachoco eggs: 70-pesos.
Gallon of fresh milk: 70 pesos
T-bone steak: 180 pesos/kg.
Regular size jar of Skippy peanut butter: 50 pesos
Spuds: 19/kg
Head of iceberg lettuce: 13 pesos
Ground Coffee Combate: 200/1.5 kg
Kirkland Signature coffee: 220 pesos
One pound Challenge Butter: 100 pesos
Bolillos: expensive here – bag of five 20 pesos
Bimbo bread: 30 pesos
Carlos V chocolate: 9 pesos for 2 oz.
Beer: 80 pesos 6-pack
Cigarettes: 50-pesos pack.
Motor oil: is ridiculous–80 pesos qt.
Internet cafe: 10-20 pesos hr, but 60 pesos an hour in Cabo Son Locos tourist areas.
TelCel phone cards: 200 pesos get 60 pesos regalo.