Copper Canyon Topo Maps

I see you have a topo map of the Canyons in the Copper Canyon area but do they show trails? Is there such a map?

Thanks much, Isabella

Carl replies:

Isabella, I think you’ve mistaken our website for an online map store. We don’t sell maps ourselves but I’ll be glad to point you to someone who does: Mexico Maps is one of this site’s original sponsors and my personal “go to” place to answer questions such as yours.

As for topo maps that show trails, I’d be very sceptical — I’ve hiked many trails in the Copper Canyon region and don’t recall any that appeared (accurately) on a map. That is one of the big challenges of hiking there. If you don’t have a great deal of experience or if you don’t go with a local guide, it is very easy to get seriously lost.


Topos and other maps for the Copper Canyon (1:50,000) are sold at the Tarahumara Mission Store near the train station in Creel. (This is also the best source of books, postcards and Tarahumara crafts. Profits benefit the Tarahumara health clinic.)

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  1. rfin says:

    “Seriously lost” in the remote Sierra Madres. Oh boy, sign me up. :)
    I got my rental car towed in Mexico city once. Talk about getting seriously lost. El Presidente was coming for lunch at our hotel, so they towed away all the cars for a 10 block area. What traffic problem? There’s no traffic problem. Hell, the streets are empty!
    You gotta love how Mexico goes about “solving” problems.

    Have fun on the Copper Canyon run.