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Sierra highway to Batopilas
Copper Canyon highways: Cieneguita to Urique

The paved highway from the junction at Samachique to Batopilas is progressing relentlessly. It has reached the roadside capilla where the 5am bus used to stop to allow folks to give thanks coming up, or where you could climb on top of the school bus for fabulous views of siete pisos going down. That popular capilla is now in the bottom of a ravine. Rubble from the road widening project is being pushed downhill, creating talus slopes all the way to the river in some places. The two picturesque narrow bridges at the base of the descent are still in place (April 2013). There’s also a short section of pavement leaving La Bufa. The puente colganteupstream from the arroyo to Huimaybo looked to be turned sideways because of the highway debris snapping some cables.

Rio Batopilas bridge 2013
New bridge to Samachique from Urique

On the adjacent Urique canyon, paving is continuing from San Rafael to Bahuichivo. Work is completed past the turnoff to the mission town of Churo, but hasn’t yet reached the next rail town at Cuiteco. The new road connecting the two canyons and the high mesa is complete but not paved. This road to Urique, Hormiguero, and Cieneguita leaves at the Cerro Colorado junction with the Rio Batopilas. It’s the new 9 hour option to Creel via Samachique because of all the highway construction, or you can leave Batopilas to arrive at La Bufa by 5am. We saw the other end of this road and the new bridge across the Rio Urique below Guapalaina in March when we went to the Caballo Blanco Ultramarathon. Another road from Rio Batopilas to Rio Urique leaves from just south of Batopilas to the Sauzal Mine at Mesa San Juan and on to Choix. Still another road leaves from Satevo, and past San Ignacio on the Rio Fuerte and on to Tubares and Choix. So many roads, and so little time. Rosen’s Rides offers motorcycle tours for those with good insurance and and limber spinal columns.

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  1. BC says:

    Great report!
    I haven’t been down that road in years, but sounds and looks like a lot of changes are taking place.

  2. churpa says:

    Thanks for the update, Mike! I love to get this kind of info for the site…