Copper Canyon Cave

Since reading Churpa’s post on Rivers in Mexico vs. the US, I’ve been thinking about the The Copper Canyon River system.  This area not only has dramatic scenery and the fascinating Tarahumaras and their culture, but is a wonderful playground. 

 One of my favorite articles that Carl has written takes place in the Copper Canyon:

I was feeling restless this morning, so I decide to explore the mesas and canyons to the _____ of us.  It took less than 30 minutes to throw my stuff together….

On second thought, I strapped a sleeping pad and inflatable pillow to my pack – now that I’m 50, and officially over the hill, it pays to be prepared for trailside siestas.

I set off from the Lodge at a brisk pace and hiked for a couple of hours, exploring the nearby ridge tops and then dropped down into a long narrow canyon – the ‘secret’ lair of the Eared Trogon that I discovered a couple weeks ago.

My goal, however, was further on – to explore a deep arroyo that faces westward. From a distance, it seemed to offer good cave sites….

Caves of the Copper Canyon: The rest of the story