Copper Canyon Books

The Copper Canyon & Northern Mexico

•Northern Mexico Handbook: Including the Copper Canyon

Joe Cummings offers succinct advice on the most important nuts & bolts of travel in Mexico and brief but well-researched descriptions of cities, historical sites, hiking trails, highways, hotels and restaurants, beaches and especially interesting ‘biotic communities’. Also included are lots of easy-to-follow maps “to every city, region and park”, a very good index and reading list, and even a photo of the author, looking remarkably well rested after what must have been truly exhaustive research…. (Full Review) Order Northern Mexico Handbook

•Mexico’s Copper Canyon Country: A Hiking & Backpacking Guide

Fayhee does best when he drops his mock-macho style and applies himself to the job at hand, namely, providing useful information about hiking in the Copper Canyon. For example, the “Particulars” section at the end of most chapters is usually a clear-headed summary of practical tips, contacts and need-to-know information…. (Full Review) Order Mexico’s Copper Canyon Country

•Mexico’s Copper Canyon

Fisher offers an excellent pictorial review of the region, useful ‘tourist tidbits’, interesting essays, maps and a point-by-point log for the popular trans-canyon rail trip. The book also includes brief but valuable material on outlying points of interest. With most media attention tightly focused on the Copper Canyon, relatively few tourists realize that the state of Chihuahua (and its neighbors) holds a wealth of interesting towns, villages and tierra desconocida (unknown country)…. (Full Review) Order Mexico’s Copper Canyon
•Tarahumara of the Sierra Madre: Survivors on the Canyon’s Edge

by John G. Kennedy, Professor Emeritus, UCLA, Asilomar Press, 1199 Forest Avenue, #321, Pacific Grove, CA 93950, $17.95. A description of the life of the most isolated Indian tribe in North America by a noted expert on the Tarahumara. Order Tarahumara of the Sierra Madre

•Life Through the Eyes of a Tarahumara

by Romayne Wheeler, 1993, Editorial Camino. A book of wisdom, poetry and personal experience by an internationally recognized composer and musician who lives among the Tarahumara. Available in Creel at the Tarahumara Mission bookstore.

•Trails of the Sierra Madre

by Eugene Boudreau, 1973, Capra Press and Pleasant Hill Press. Like other thoughtful writers on Mexico’s backcountry, Boudreau’s out-of-print books are timeless. Also good: Ways of the Sierra Madre, R.F. Grigsby’s Sierra Madre Journal: 1864 and Move Over Don Porfirio: Tales from the Sierra Madre. (out of Print) Order Trails of the Sierra Madre from Powell’s in Portland

•Unknown Mexico: Explorations in the Sierra Madre and Other Regions, 1890-1898 Vol. 1

by Carl Lumholtz, 1898, Dover Publications, Inc. One of my all-time favorites, a turn-of-the-century classic detailing explorations in the Sierra Madre of Northern Mexico. It is a measure of how isolated the Tarahumara have been that Lumholtz’s observations on their customs and ways of life are still valid today. Order Unknown Mexico

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