Cooler Breaks Kickstarter Record


So a cooler just broke Kickstarter’s record for the largest amount of money raised.

So far the campaign has raised over 11 million dollars. I get it. I mean, if I had money to donate to Kickstarter campaigns, I’d definitely want to support the advancement of cooler technology, a subject near and dear to my heart. To quote the cooler’s creator, “Well, you have a built-in blender so you can have your blended drinks. It has blue tooth speakers so you can listen to your music. And then other functionality that just doesn’t exist in coolers today like simply a bottle opener, big wheels so you can actually roll your cooler across the ground and then a tie-down strap so you can carry your gear with it.”

Evidently this cooler will charge your devices and also has LED lights. Furthermore, it just looks cool, and I gotta say that I admire anyone who devotes this much effort to dreaming up cooler innovations. Kindred spirit?

So it’s not the invisible remote control cooler I’ve always dreamed of, but it’s a start.




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  1. -El Codo- says:

    Vacuum Panel technology. That’s the new gold standard. Incredible insulation. A cost that will drop your pants down around your ankles…