Computer Fund for Tenacatita Schoolkids


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Viva Mexico!

Our friend Dobie, who lives in El Rebalsito, near Tenacatita, has organized a fund to provide laptops to local schoolkids who are in need. She writes, “The  computer fund was very successful. We were able to purchase a netbook and a laptop. The netbook was given to a young woman in high school and the laptop will go to the student graduating from middle school that the teachers pick as the best all around student, and with the most need. We were also able to get mosquito screens made for the clinic. So thank you all for your donations. We’ve made contact with the group that’s helping to facilitate getting laptops to children in elementary schools in rural areas. They’ve already helped to provide over 57,000 laptops to Mexican children.” For more information on the project, check out Dobie’s blog, The Irrepressibles, where she invites you to submit ideas on how to best help Rebalsito residents, who have been suffering great financial hardship since the violent seizure of Tenacatita in August of 2010. If you would like to donate to the laptop fund, send me an email at managing_editor at people’s guide dot com, and I will put you in touch with the tireless and heroic Dobie. The coolest thing about Dobie’s fund is that all your money will go directly to purchasing a laptop, and none of it will be lost to bureaucracy.