Cinco Años!

Just returned from celebrating my fifth year wedding anniversary. Rich and I were joined by a passel of friends, including Roberto and Bettina of Tenacatita fame. Bob made a gallon or two of killer salsa, and my friends Rohan and Greg grilled up 25 pounds of skirt steak for tacos. Much to my chagrin, our local tortilleria was out of commission and we were forced to eat this delectable meat on leathery store bought tortillas. Steve was rolling in his grave.

A lot of Mexico talk at the party of course. Bob filled me in on Mosca’s latest updates and regaled me with some juicy tidbits about the recent opening of the road to Tenacatita. Evidently a friend of ours down there has assured him that the water is still muy sabroso. I also enjoyed swapping Mexico stories with my new friend Travis, a surfer and PG fan who recently returned from a van trip to baja. Top that off with some music from Rich, Greg, and Beach Party alumni; a campfire, and a spread of stars above Tina’s beautiful land…Not so shabby for gringolandia!

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  1. -El Codo- says:

    ¡Feliciadades Con Mucho Gusto!

    There will be the 6th, then the 10th, the 25th, and then some!

    I made frijoles last night, and have some genuine tortillas, queso cotija, chilies y salt.

    I will toast to your happiness tonight!

  2. Jaimetown says:

    Felicidades, Churpa y Rich! Thanks for sharing all the details of your recent voyage down south. It looks like it was an amazing trip. You’re fortunate to have found someone who understands and shares your profound love of Mexico. Best of luck to both of you in the future and keep on writing!

    • churpa says:

      Mil gracias! And thanks for reading! I do feel lucky to have found someone who loves Mexico as much as I do, but then again…If he didn’t, I wouldn’t have married him!