Ruminations on the Beast

Pollux at the wheel in Chuey circa 2006

Well Chuey is up and running again, thanks to Rich. This is the latest excitement in a saga that has had its disheartening moments. Just before our wedding four years ago, the van’s transmission went out. Rich and his groomsmen were stranded in Portland. Due to financial stress, the van project was put on the back burner and Chuey languished for two years. Eventually we paid up the nose to have the transmission rebuilt  and decided to drive to Seattle for the rebuilt van’s “maiden voyage”. On the trip north, the windows stopped working. On the trip home, the ICU  went on the fritz. We limped to the nearest mechanic, who, of course charged upward of $100 an hour.  Another $500 down the proverbial drain. Two days later we were happily heading out of Portland with a new ICU when we discovered there was something else wrong. Chuey was banished to a parking space for a couple of years while we worked on our anger management issues.

Now the problem (throttle position control) in question has been solved and Chuey and Rich took a maiden voyage over to our neighbor’s place for a barbecue. Next stop Oaxaca! (Okay, a few additional minor exploratory missions might be advisable before we head to the border. I get it.)


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  1. -El Codo- says:

    More Is Needed Amiga! And I Quote:

    “Curandera total: considered the most well-rounded, and in some cases, the most “shamanic” of healers, they are gifted in utilizing herbs, platicas, massage, and spiritual techniques. Most often these curanderos or curanderas are the ones that persons consult in serious cases of susto (fright), salaciones (chronic, long-term bad fortune), trabajos (when the situation is suspected to be of supernatural origin) — or when seeking help for problems that have not been able to be resolved through mainstream means or western medicine”.

    Pass an egg over the hood

    Throw salt out the driver’s window over your left shoulder.

    Add a liter of aguardiente to the tank


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