Changes to "Oaxaca/Mexico Newsletter"

Photo by Diana Ricci. Photo courtesy of Stan Gotlieb and Diana Ricci. (used with permission)

To make things simpler for subscribers, Stan Gotlieb  has changed the way his “Oaxaca /Mexico Newsletter” is distributed. In Stan’s words:

“From now on, the Newsletter will be delivered by e-mail.  The format (we’ve tried it, and it seems to work) will be only slightly different from the current one.  There will be at least as many photos as there have been, and they will be larger and sharper.  It will load quickly. The archives will be open.  The “Free Newsletter” section of our website will be eliminated.  Instead, we will simply withhold the most current six issues from the archives.  These will be available to subscribers by email upon request; but not to non-subscribers.

As longtime readers of Stan’s work, we like the new format. I particularly enjoyed a recent article on Oaxaca’s Jewish community, and Stan has some interesting (and detailed) commentary on water politics in Mexico. In general, Stan is a good go-to guy for getting a firsthand perspective on Mexican politics and other current events. If you are interested in subscribing or perusing Stan and Diana’s archives, check out