Cell Phones in Mexico

I accidentally erased my original post about using your present cell phone while in Mexico. If anyone has any personal experience with this, please let us know.


Here’s a comment on my original post:

Verizon now offers a North American plan which for $120 a month for 2 phones gives you 1500 minutes anywhere in Canada, U.S, and Mexico. Mexican coverage is good enough to have about 100 towns with service in the state of Nayarit.

Mark Bullick

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  1. mexigrl says:

    Any idea if this plan works in San Miguel de Allende? I spoke to Verizon here today (in CT) and they were a little dumbfounded by the whole thing :)


    mexigirl: I don’t know if the plan will work in SMA but if it actually works as advertised, for all of Mexico, then I assume that, yes, it will work in San Miguel. But… as the saying goes, ‘ya never know! I don’t have time right now to chase this down but if you Goggle around the web a bit I think you’ll find a more definitive answer. Also, try online forums and San Miguel websites.


  2. cindy says:

    The North American plan has been dropped from existance on Cingular (ATT) looking for an alternative now – just happend 3/20/06

  3. Karen Knapp says:

    We are relocating to Puerto Vallarta in about a month and have purchased the Verizon North American plan. For two lines and 700 minutes (1000 night and weekend), it is $90 a month. We have friends in the Los Muertos area who say it works great there, but I have heard there is no signal in Nuevo Vallarta. Does anyone know about coverage in Bucerias or La Cruz? Thanks – Karen

  4. michael miller says:

    Forget Verizon in Puerto Escondido (and probably other places on the southern coast).  AT&T works here.


  5. "Cabo Bob" says:

    Everybody I know has two cell phones, one for the states and one for Mexico. It’s so easy to pick up a cell phone in Mexico, often with enough minutes to defray the cost of purchase.
    AND, the one I got also picks up FM radio!

  6. "Cabo Bob" says:

    You can buy refill minutes in the checkout lane of almost any big grocery store, or in Oxxo