From the Archives: An Eight-Year-Old’s Travel Journal, 1987

Map of baja drawing

Churpa writes: While researching for a memoir of my childhood on the road, I’ve been digging through old family photographs and journals, and I found this very detailed illustrated travel journal that I started when I was eight, in 1987. The journal is canvas-bound with a sweet splatter paint design on the cover, and spans from November 1987 to the spring of ’89. It covers two long trips, from Oregon to Baja to Guatemala and back again. At the time, […]

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Grand Adventure or Foolish Mistake?

A reader writes: We have planned to rent a car in Guadalajara and to drive to Guanajuato, Leon, San Miguel, Mexico City, Patzcuaro, Ajijic and back to Guadalajara. We are monolingual English speakers. We plan to only drive during the day. We are old lesbians. Does this seem like a great adventure or a foolish mistake? Churpa responds: I’m going with grand adventure, with two caveats regarding Mexico City and Michoacan. I highly recommend driving around Mexico in general, but […]

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Armchair Travel: Best of the Visual Internets

    Games up. It’s official. I’ve surveyed my budget, checked it twice, counted my pennies, and gnashed my teeth. No Mexico for me this year. This will be the sixth winter in my life that I have been reduced to languishing in the Pacific Northwest. I know I shouldn’t complain. But writing and editing for a Mexico travel site is a particularly tortuous way to spend the winter when one is addicted to real travel. Since I’m not allowed […]

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Baja Gas Stations and Gas Update

The “gas station gap” of 200 miles between El Rosario and Jesus Maria is still there, but these days you’ll find “angeles” selling fuel out of gas cans at Cataviña and Punta Prieta. Expect to pay a dollar and a half more per gallon. In the winter, fierce winds in the gulf can delay the unloading of fuel barges in La Paz, which can causes shortages in Guerrero Negro, Santa Rosalia, Mulege and Loreto. But these scattered outages are getting […]

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Panel of Food Experts in London Name "Best Taco in the World"

An invitation to Chowzter

As food blogger Nicholas Gilman reports, a panel of experts in London weighed in on the best “traditional fast food” in the world. The awards were divied up to seven categories of contenders: sandwich, sausage, pizza, curry, burger, fried chicken and taco. Three of the nominees in the taco category were not from Mexico, but happily a taqueria in Queretero won, thus preventing potential riots in Mexico. The taqueria in question, Barbacoa Santiago, is a barbacoa joint. Although I have […]

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And then the French invaded…(Happy Cinco de Mayo!)

  I laugh every time I think about the French invading Mexico. I know I shouldn’t—a lot of people died in the “intervention,” which began when Napoleon III used Mexico’s debt to France as a pretext for invasion. Napoleon III made the mistake of listening to conniving Mexican aristocrats who had insinuated themselves into the French court. The Mexicans in France wanted to see Benito Juarez’s democracy crushed and the return of their former power and property. To that end, […]

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SMA Second Best Food City in Mexico?

A plate of enchiladas and a Victoria beer.

  Food Republic declares San Miguel de Allende the second best food city in Mexico, and then goes on to list their picks for best “high and low” eats. I’m not sure I agree that SMA trumps Oaxaca (Mercado 20 de Noviembre anyone?), but I was excited to read this article because I adore eating in San Miguel, and the town is certainly one of the best in Mexico, foodwise. While I enjoyed Johnson’s writing, I thought the article was […]

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Kindle edition: The Peoples Guide to Mexico

  A reader writes: Hello Carl and Lorena, I just wanted to tell you both that “The People’s Guide to Mexico” has long been my favorite book. I have two different print editions and have just purchased the just published Kindle edition. My wife Karen and I have only been to Tijuana, but we both love Mexican food and it is also my very favorite. We have eaten in Mexican restaurants of varying authenticity all over the USA (I am […]

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