Recommended Spanish Language Schools

Fenix Language Institute in Zacatecas was recently recommended to us as “awesome!” From the website: “Fenix Language Institute was founded in 1973 with a firm commitment to perfecting strategies for the teaching of Spanish as a second language. Until then, the traditional method had stressed grammar model imitation, mechanical repetition exercises, and rigorous memorization. The results were not impressive. The founders of Fenix rejected these ideas and searched for a better, more natural approach. As a child, you acquire your […]

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Question from a Reader: Are Spanish Homestays Safe and How do I Meet People in Vallarta?

Puerto Vallarta at night.

A reader writes: Hello, I am a 43 year old female from Canada and I am thinking of going to Puerto Vallarta to study Spanish for 6 weeks with Spanish Abroad. I would be going by myself and living with a family while studying.  Is this safe? Also, I know there are Canadians and Americans that are retired and living in PVR, is there a network on how to meet some of these people and make some contacts? Thank you. […]

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People's Guide Classic: Carl's Tips on Learning Spanish

Over the course of more than thirty years in Mexico, I’ve had the benefit of many amateur tutors to correct and refine my Spanish. When it comes to learning a foreign language, however, I am not a ‘quick study’. (For the life of me, I still don’t understand why the Widow Twankey is cross with her son.) In spite of all my work, there’s no doubt that rough spots, gaps and outright grammatical embarrassments still remain. Based on my own […]

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Letter from a UK Reader–Giving Blood for The People's Guide

Black-and-white photograph of a bohemian looking traveler with a mustache and bandana.

A reader writes: Hi, Just found my very battered copy and a quick google led me here – just wanted to say thanks for The People’s Guide. In 1979 I sold blood in San Francisco to help pay for a copy of your book, but unfortunately I fainted half way through (at the sight of my blood running out of me – in the UK they use opaque tubes!). The good people at the clinic decided I needed the blood […]

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100 Essential Spanish Words

For those of you who have been meaning to brush up on the español…This a great list of Spanish words for beginners. El Codo sent us the link; he was impressed by the sample tutoring offered by the same site, and may spring for their language course. We await further reports. But for now… 100 Essential Spanish Words  

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