11 Spanish Words That Don’t Transalate to English

Mexican bingo cards on wall

My daily thoughts are peppered with Spanish words because sometimes Spanish just says it better. You can translate these words to English but they end up as phrases or weakened by qualifications. Andale pues! Cabron—Literally means a male goat and is sometimes translated as “cuckold.” That said, this word is widely used and can range from a playful greeting among friends “Hey Cabron!,” (like “Hey Fucker!”) to an insult akin to “asshole.” Chingar—Typically translating as “fuck” but meaning much more […]

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Cabo Bob's Definitive Mexican Slang 101

by Lin Robinson Review by Carl Franz At the risk of sounding like a college graduate, this pint-sized book could make the difference between achieving true fluency in Mexican Spanish versus mere facility. Slang is not easy or even safe to learn, however, especially in a machismo-based culture like Mexico. Like many Spanish lessons, I’ve learned the proverbial “hard way” that the inappropriate or ill-timed use of slang can deflate your self-confidence faster than a “whoopee” cushion. How can you […]

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Churpa's Dispatch from San Miguel #1

By Churpa Rosa Rogers When it comes to Mexico, I tend to experience one-sided culture shock: I am shocked by my inevitable and unwilling return to the United States, but rarely shocked to find myself down south. Even if it’s been a year or more, a return to Mexico always feels as natural as slipping into a warm bath. That said, I always experience a few days of jubilation at all the tiny Mexican details that make me feel so […]

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