Stone Soup? Sarah Borealis on Oaxacan Cuisine

Oaxacan stone soup

Visual historian Sarah Borealis talks about culinary tradition, eating in Oaxacan markets, and her new documentary “The Path of Stone Soup,” which explores the culinary heritage of Oaxaca’s Chinantla region. As Borealis explains,Chinantla’s specialty is a freshwater seafood soup “cooked to perfection using red hot stones.” I was interested to learn that the dish is traditionally prepared by men. The 24-minute documentary is the work of an international team that includes Borealis, director Arturo Juarez Aguilar, and César Gachupin de […]

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New Film on Colosio Conspiracy

As the LA Times reports, a new film on the 1994 murder of Luis Donaldo Colosio explores multiple conspiracy theories, all of which cast the PRI in a bad light. The article’s author, Ken Ellingwod, notes: “...the case has spawned a dizzying array of conspiracy theories and speculation over possible plotters, from cutthroat drug traffickers to members of Colosio’s Institutional Revolutionary Party, which ruled Mexico at the time. Some historians view the Colosio slaying as the blow that would propel […]

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Like Water For Chocolate (Movie)

Hi I recently seen this movie in my film class, my family is from mexico, I always have heard things passed on to me, in mexico who knows if any of these magical realism are really still passed on like in this movie if you have seen this. Just wondering. I hear it all the time hear in the U.S. about the medicines from the grandparents when they were alive, but anything like this movie?

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