From the Stacks: Mexico in Your Own Car, 1935

An old Mexico travel brochure with ttitle "Mexico in your own Car" and picture of church with agave.

When I moved into the house my sainted parents built in the late 70s, I inherited their vast and dusty collection of Mexico books, magazines, maps, and pamphlets. Some of the collection consists of history and anthropology classics (not to mention an entire shelf devoted to various editions of The People’s Guide to Mexico), but lately I’ve ben leafing through the ephemera: deteriorating maps decorated with señoritas in sombreros, hefty Sanborn’s guides riddled with my Dad’s scrawling notes and dribbled […]

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"Footloose in Mexico"

Vintage topography map of Mexico.

  Speaking of “The Mexico Issue”, I just stumbled across an old Mexico issue of “The Saturday Review”. I particularly enjoyed this article, written in the days where Mexico City was a big place with a population of three million, Cuernavaca was a “small town,” cars were rare on the roads, and the average American reader had never eaten a tortilla. I wish I could have seen Mexico in 1951, but I do feel fortunate to have grown up amongst […]

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Magazine Review: Saveur's "Mexican Issue"

Just got my paws on a copy of “The Mexico Issue” from Saveur Magazine. Amazing! The focus on regional variations of authentic down-home cooking impressed me from the start, and the recipes look great. I particularly want to try this one for squash blossom soup. The photographs are gorgeous, and the editors possess a heartening attention to detail: the magazine doesn’t just skim the surface with recipes from New York chefs or peppy odes to, say, adding chipotle to your […]

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Doing Business in Baja, Mexico

I’ve just been reading an interesting article in the Mexico Matters newsletter by Jose Perez called “Baja California Real Estate, a Retrospective 1984 – 2008”. The title is quite a mouthful and so is the article. Mr. Perez is an American investment consultant who lives in northern Baja. He has strong feelings about living and doing business in Mexico and isn’t timid about speaking his mind.

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