Where’s My Tacos?

A man cuts meat at a Mexico City taqueria.

Just stumbled across “36 Hours in Mexico City” from The New York Times. I enjoy this series and this installment is not half bad. The suggestions are predictably heavy on Colonia Roma and Condesa, but props to the grey lady for at least suggesting that visitors eat at a market, in this case Mercado de Medellín. That said, this is the only market on the itinerary, which seems crazy to me. Also, there’s no mention of The National Museum of […]

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Abduction of Students Fuels Fires of Protest

Mexican Highway 200 with Mexican road sign that says "Guerrero"

Tony Burton at Geo-Mexico wrote a comprehensive overview of the horrifying situation in Guerrero, where the police abducted 43 student protestors, who are now presumed dead. His article contains a lot of interesting links that will fill you in on the details of the story to date. Check it out. If moving pictures are more your oeuvre, Vice News has some good video coverage of the case, including footage of the protests in Mexico City and interviews at the liberal […]

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Stone Soup? Sarah Borealis on Oaxacan Cuisine

Oaxacan stone soup

Visual historian Sarah Borealis talks about culinary tradition, eating in Oaxacan markets, and her new documentary “The Path of Stone Soup,” which explores the culinary heritage of Oaxaca’s Chinantla region. As Borealis explains,Chinantla’s specialty is a freshwater seafood soup “cooked to perfection using red hot stones.” I was interested to learn that the dish is traditionally prepared by men. The 24-minute documentary is the work of an international team that includes Borealis, director Arturo Juarez Aguilar, and César Gachupin de […]

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7.2 Earthquake Shakes Acapulco

Mexican girl with surfboard on coast of Guerrero, Mexico.

The quake originated near Tecepan, Guerrero this morning. The USGS reports that the epicenter was 14 miles below the earth’s surface.  According to USGS, “The April 2014 earthquake occurred within the “Guerrero Seismic Gap” – an approximately 200 km long segment of the Cocos-North America plate boundary identified to have experienced no significant earthquakes since 1911 (M 7.6).” Mexico City felt the quake, with buildings swaying, but so far there have been no reports of serious damage from the capitol. […]

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Tenacatita Update: Gates Down!

For those of you who have been following the Tenacatita story…The gates (which have blocked free access to the beach since 2010) are down! An article at Informador.com verifies that the gates have been removed (via legal government action). I’ve heard rumors that the people of Rebalsito are at the beach celebrating with a band. I have yet to verify that, but below you can see a picture of the dismantled gate. Evidently this is the work of the new […]

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CNN Reports on Canonization of "First Mexican Saint"

CNN incorrectly reports : “Pope Francis canonized the first saints of his papacy — including the first ever honored from Colombia and Mexico.” He did indeed canonize Laura Montoya of Colombia and María Guadalupe García Zavala of Mexico, but the cannon already includes María Natividad de Jesús Sacramento Venegas, who was born in Zapotlanejo, Mexico, in 1868 and canonized in 2001. Not to mention, uh, Juan Diego and all these other male Mexican saints. In fact, check out a 2002 CNN article […]

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The Return of Noticias

  It’s been awhile, but I’m gonna start cranking these out again . . . at lest that’s what I’m telling myself. Policias – The governor of the state of Mexico has ordered 12 municipalities around Mexico City to stop issuing traffic tickets until they comply with a law passed last year that prohibits male traffic cops from issuing traffic tickets in that state.  Some are skeptical it will have the intended effect of reducing corruption in the long term, […]

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Favorite Artists: Daniel Rueffert

Our old friend Dan Rueffert makes San Miguel magically appear before your eyes. For more of his Mexico paintings, check out his website. He really has a marvelous talent for capturing the quality of Mexican light.

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Oil Platform Explodes in Gulf

    CNN reports that 11 people have been hospitalized after an oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico exploded and then caught fire. Slick sounds relatively small compared to BP horror. More info here.

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