The Call of the Canyons

Copper Canyon Steep Trails

editor’s note: PG correspondent Mike Huckaby is a seasoned hiking guide. If you are interested in sustainable tourism and really getting off the beaten path, we highly recommend Copper Canyon Trails. December 12: Dia de la Virgin de Guadalupe The week preceding la Dia de la Virgin brought four days of rain, and promised more. Celebrations in Creel sounded like the Blessing of the Fleet. Big trucks from lumber, mining, construction, tourism, and ranching converged in a cacaphony of horns, […]

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Mexico Around the Internets

At Mexico Retold, I stumbled across this is a fun quiz about the revolution of 1910 (I got 80%—clearly I need to brush up on my Obregon). However, I did even worse on Tony Burton’s current (typically difficult) geography quiz at Geo-Mexico. Luckily, this post on Mexico’s peace index definitely cheered me up. Burton notes: Mexico Peace Index finds that peace improved 7.4% in past two years The two-year improvement in peace was primarily driven by a 30% decrease in organized […]

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How to be More Like a Local When Visiting Puerto Vallarta

Editor’s note: This is a guest spot from the enjoyable and well written expat blog Team Fuber, which is up for the “best expat blog award” at Expat Blogs. If you want to show your support for Jen and Sam, leave a comment at the contest site.   10. Take off your closed toed shoes; let your toes breathe and feel the fresh air (and get rid of that winter sock tan)! Seeing somebody walk down the beach in shoes […]

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A Love Letter to Mexico

  Just stumbled across this great love letter to Mexico. Jen writes, “I’m a bit embarrassed to admit this to you, my beloved Mexico; but, I’ve flirted, and sporadically fallen, for other places in the past thirty seven years of my life. Think of me what you may, but I’ve been around the block several times before.  I’m a travel floozy.  Admittedly, I’ve grown fond of other countries, cities, and states; for some of the tantamount reasons for which I […]

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A Rhode Islander in Mexico

Erik Loomis, who usually writes at one of Rich’s favorite blogs, is currently in Mexico and blogging about his trip. His first post  begins with a charmingly reasonable statement: “Mexico is a pleasant and safe place to be if you are not part of the drug trade. There are regions that are more safe than others, but by and large, there are no real problems for visitors, and I don’t just mean in the areas that are basically the United […]

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Panel of Food Experts in London Name "Best Taco in the World"

An invitation to Chowzter

As food blogger Nicholas Gilman reports, a panel of experts in London weighed in on the best “traditional fast food” in the world. The awards were divied up to seven categories of contenders: sandwich, sausage, pizza, curry, burger, fried chicken and taco. Three of the nominees in the taco category were not from Mexico, but happily a taqueria in Queretero won, thus preventing potential riots in Mexico. The taqueria in question, Barbacoa Santiago, is a barbacoa joint. Although I have […]

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Taking Cheapskate to a New Level…

  People’s Guide reader BC sent me this NY Times travel blog post by Seth Kugel, who crossed international borders in order to save a dime on a hotel room. I have a feeling El Codo has done this at some point…

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Gangs of San Miguel

Tina Rosa in a black beret.

        You can tell by the turquoise earrings that she’s in a gang…. I’m afraid I’m a little late to the gang on this one, but Richard Lander’s send-up of expats, Gangs of San Miguel, is cracking me up. I especially loved the part about naming your second home, which can be found in the “Gang Requirements” section. “Another rule of house naming is to never say the name of your house into English even if you know the name. […]

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