From the Archives: An Eight-Year-Old’s Travel Journal, 1987

Map of baja drawing

Churpa writes: While researching for a memoir of my childhood on the road, I’ve been digging through old family photographs and journals, and I found this very detailed illustrated travel journal that I started when I was eight, in 1987. The journal is canvas-bound with a sweet splatter paint design on the cover, and spans from November 1987 to the spring of ’89. It covers two long trips, from Oregon to Baja to Guatemala and back again. At the time, […]

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The Return of Noticias

  It’s been awhile, but I’m gonna start cranking these out again . . . at lest that’s what I’m telling myself. Policias – The governor of the state of Mexico has ordered 12 municipalities around Mexico City to stop issuing traffic tickets until they comply with a law passed last year that prohibits male traffic cops from issuing traffic tickets in that state.  Some are skeptical it will have the intended effect of reducing corruption in the long term, […]

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Gangs of San Miguel

Tina Rosa in a black beret.

        You can tell by the turquoise earrings that she’s in a gang…. I’m afraid I’m a little late to the gang on this one, but Richard Lander’s send-up of expats, Gangs of San Miguel, is cracking me up. I especially loved the part about naming your second home, which can be found in the “Gang Requirements” section. “Another rule of house naming is to never say the name of your house into English even if you know the name. […]

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Psst! There is something I DON’T Like About Mexico.

editor’s note: People’s Guide correspondent Jeff O’Brien sent us the following piece with many guilty caveats. “Do you think it’s too negative?” he asked, adding, “I feel bad saying anything bad about Mexico.” It’s OK, Jeff. We all feel your pain. Psst!  There is something I DON’T  Like About Mexico. It’s easy to tell people why I love Mexico.  The reasons come so fast and easy and are so oft repeated they have become clichés.  Answers easily given without any […]

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Religion – Pope Benedict visits Mexico at a time when the Church is struggling with scandal and an image problem in Mexico. Benedict is not nearly as popular as his predecessor, John Paul, who visited Latin America almost every year of his papacy. Benedict, in contrast, has only visited once before, a 2007 visit to Brazil. Deportes – I was hoping this would turn into a bizarre telenovela that could entertain me throughout the summer, but Jose Canseco’s time with […]

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Cabo Bob's Definitive Mexican Slang 101

by Lin Robinson Review by Carl Franz At the risk of sounding like a college graduate, this pint-sized book could make the difference between achieving true fluency in Mexican Spanish versus mere facility. Slang is not easy or even safe to learn, however, especially in a machismo-based culture like Mexico. Like many Spanish lessons, I’ve learned the proverbial “hard way” that the inappropriate or ill-timed use of slang can deflate your self-confidence faster than a “whoopee” cushion. How can you […]

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