Can I Take My Cat on a Mexican Bus or Train?

A large black tom cat

A reader writes: Hola! We are doing a West Coast RV trip with our rambunctious 8-month-old kitten in January. Would he be allowed on the Copper Canyon train if in a carry kennel? Can he ride on first class buses? Churpa replies: I have never tried to take a cat on a Mexican bus (though, to be fair, it sounds like something I might attempt). I hear it’s possible to take a pet on the Primera Plus line, but the […]

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CHEPE schedule changes

Dave Hensleigh, The train changed schedule in Copper Canyon about 12 days ago. Primero stayed the same but segundo changed: > -It goes Chi to Mochis on Thurs > -Mochis to Chi Fri > -Chi to Mochis Sat > -Mochis to Chi Sun > -Chi to Mochis Mon > -Mochis to Chi Tues > -WED NO SEGUNDO! Then I was on the phone Saturday to my friend Erasmo in El Fuerte and he said the segundo is going to […]

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Copper Canyon "piggyback" train?

Does the train through Copper Canyon have auto transport cars so you can drive there and take the train one way and have your car at the end? I know that there are RV tours where they can “piggyback” RV’s but don’t know if it is possible to do with cars. Thanks for your help. Jeanne Doerr, CTA, ACC Travel Sales Agent AAA Travel 827 Gordon Drive Sioux City, IA 51101 Carl replies: I assume you are hoping for a […]

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