Favorite Blogs: My Mexican Kitchen

Pan de muertos for Day of the Dead

  While researching the murky origins of the milanesa, I stumbled across My Mexican Kitchen, the work of an expat who lives in Michoacan. The blog  features detailed and amusing restaurant reviews, with the occasional foray into a kitchen experiment, such as teaching local Mexican teenagers how to make pizza. The author seems to spend quite a bit of time in Mexico City, so if you’re planning a trip to the Big Enchilada, this would be a good place to start […]

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Letter from a Reader: Safe Living in Michoacan

Coat of arms of Michoacan

editor’s note: Julissa Gonzalez sent us the following letter about life in one of our favorite states. We love to hear from those of you who are still living the Mexican Dream. If you have any questions about living or traveling in Michoacán, please post them in the comments section. Dear Carl and Lorena, I was just browsing your site when I noticed that there is a lot of concern on living in Mexico.  Well, I do live in Mexico […]

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Election Heating Up

A fascinating article from The Washington Post about the corruption in Mexico’s school system and how this could spell trouble for the ruling party.  There’s also a growing protest movement among Mexican university students who oppose the PRI candidate. Lopez Obrador just rose to second place, so this election is going to be a hot one.

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Mazatlan Has New Social Network

Carl just alerted me that Mazatlan has a cool new website, Mazatlan My City, a diverse platform that includes a social network, video programming, radio shows, news articles, an interactive map, and a music collection where users can add files. The site looks great and it’s easy to use. Definitely recommended for anyone who is contemplating a move to Mazatlan.

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The Barrio

The sun rises over placid Mexican bay.

Editor’s note: the tireless El Codo poached this promising writer from the tomzap forums. We hope to hear more from Lee in the future. The Barrio by Lee Horner In this neighborhood everything comes to your door. Eventually. Water, gas, reclaimed paint buckets full of beer and ice, children selling bags of Nopal cactus, tamales; the elderly cheese man, his straw basket slung over his shoulder heavy with fresh queso wrapped in dark green leaves. Young boys with slingshots and […]

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Letter from a Reader: Importing Pets

Renata writes: “I appreciate your website and may be moving to Mexico someday with my soon-to-be husband. We have many animals but only 3 are dogs. Do you have any tips for bringing guinea pigs or parakeets into Mexico?” Carl responds: “I think my only tip is to be sure you have the proper health certificates — the biggest hassle is usually getting birds back into the U.S.” Editor’s note: International health certificates for the export of animals from the […]

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Computer Fund for Tenacatita Schoolkids

  Our friend Dobie, who lives in El Rebalsito, near Tenacatita, has organized a fund to provide laptops to local schoolkids who are in need. She writes, “The  computer fund was very successful. We were able to purchase a netbook and a laptop. The netbook was given to a young woman in high school and the laptop will go to the student graduating from middle school that the teachers pick as the best all around student, and with the most […]

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La Configuración Perfecta

Mexican police badge, DF.

Having lived in Mexico long enough to know when to be cautious, I prefer to take time to protect myself against various irritating potential eventualities. Such was the case when I journeyed to a small Mexican city to visit my doctor and obtain prescription medicines. Now, this isn’t a tourist city in the least, more of an industrial one. But I knew the downtown area well and decided to park my large camper pickup truck in front of a trinket […]

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Baking Bread in Baja

Steve used to go muy loco with unadulterated joy over my ability to turn out fresh buttery croissants, garlic and onion bagels, extra-sour authentic sour dough, and genuine black Russian bread (judged by Anatoly Lev from the Ukraine to be “absolutely fabulous”). Today I conjured up my first batches of bread: Genuine Basque sheepherder bread from a recipe taught to me by Paul Uxue, as his dogs were herding his flock in California’s Eastern Sierra Nevada mountains. It has a […]

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