Moving to Vallarta?

Puerto Vallarta at night.

A reader writes: Hello Everyone, I love The Peoples Guide to Mexico! To start out my name is Robyn, I am 36 years old and I work as a Psychiatric Nurse in Denver, CO.  My husband, Michael, was in an automobile accident two years ago.  He was hit by an uninsured motorist two years ago and has not been able to work since.  He has gone through three major back surgeries and the cold Colorado weather just debilitates him 5 months out of […]

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Change in Mexican Real Estate Laws?

A sunset on the coast of Jalisco.

  A reader writes: “I read that the Mexican camara de diputados approved a bill in April ’13 that would amend the constitution to allow foreigners to own land along the coasts. I haven’t heard anything since. Do you have info on this issue or a link to a site that might?” To my understanding the bill passed in the chamber of deputies, but the senate has not yet approved it. The bill would amend real estate laws so that […]

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Chapla or Ajijic

Hi all, my wife and i would like to move to Chapla or Ajijic, Looking for a 2b2b house with a small yea rd any idea what this would cost a month? We well be going down in Jun to look but don’t know who to talk to when we get there. Anything you know would help. Thank you Ron.

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Selling Property in Mexico/Yucatan

I’ve lived in Valladolid, Yucatan for much of the last year. Retired and renting – tourist visa, so far. I have found a small house here possibly to buy. My question is: If I do buy it, can I sell it to a American in the States? I want to live in it, but I’m worried that if something happens with my health

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Mexico Property Ownership Change?

BY DAVID AGREN The News (Mexico) A new proposal in the Senate would lift rules that prohibit foreigners from buying property in the nation’s coastal and border regions. The bill, sponsored by Sen. Mario López Valdez of the Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, aims to boost foreign investment by scrapping constitutional prohibitions against non-Mexicans owning property within 50 kilometers of a coastline and 100 kilometers of the border. To read the complete text of this article, click the link below:  […]

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