Chihuahua Desert Pemex Burritos

I was ten years old and had already eaten my way up and down the country ten times before I encountered my first bona fide Mexican burrito. A burrito in Mexico seemed as out of place as a plate of frog’s legs. “Dad,” I exclaimed. “They have burritos!” Steve chuckled. “Burritos in Mexico. You’ve got to be kidding me!” Detecting some sarcasm, I narrowed my eyes at him. We were sitting in a diner attached to a Pemex station on […]

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Sopa de Lima: Just the Thing for a Nasty Cold

A bowl of tortilla soup with avocado and lime.

A variation on “Sopa de Lima”, a Yucatecan recipe from my battered copy of “The Cuisines of Mexico”, by Diana Kennedy. (I added avocados and used coconut oil instead of lard, which gave the soup a pleasant tinge of the Caribbean.) In addition to fried tortillas, the bowl is loaded with fortifying ingredients: chicken, chiles, onion, and ten cloves of roasted garlic, all floating in a clear and spicy chicken broth. Top it with lime juice and you have a […]

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In Praise of Inauthentic Food

All of this talk about authentic Mexican cuisine has got me thinking. I tried to resist the urge, but my guilty conscience is a heavy orno of birria. I have a confession to make. I like Americanized Mexican food. Before you have an aneurism or delete ThePeople’ from your RSS feed, let me qualify that statement. When it comes to tacos, I’m just as much a stickler for authenticity as Jeff. I don’t consider a hard yellow shell oozing ground […]

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Road Trip

An '87 Dodge Van in Mexico with palm trees.

  I can’t help daydreaming about our upcoming trip, even though it’s months away.  So far the plan is to head out in late December or early January. Our itinerary (still a subject of heated debate) includes Austin (home of the Salt Lick and the world’s best ribs), Zacatecas (now there’s a town where you can find a decent cup of espresso), San Miguel de Allende (I’m already thinking about the milanesa sandwiches at Torta Mundo), El Rebalsito (where Cuca […]

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Magazine Review: Saveur's "Mexican Issue"

Just got my paws on a copy of “The Mexico Issue” from Saveur Magazine. Amazing! The focus on regional variations of authentic down-home cooking impressed me from the start, and the recipes look great. I particularly want to try this one for squash blossom soup. The photographs are gorgeous, and the editors possess a heartening attention to detail: the magazine doesn’t just skim the surface with recipes from New York chefs or peppy odes to, say, adding chipotle to your […]

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Taste of Zacatecas

State seal of Zacatecas.

If you’re still on the fence about a trip to Mexico, you’ll tip to the southern side when you read Javier Cabral’s excellent article on exploring the culinary treasures of his family’s ancestral home in Zacatecas. If you still can’t quite spring for a trip, the article’s home site, Saveur Magazine, offers  excellent strategies for bringing Mexico to your kitchen, including Javier’s aunt’s recipe for Gorditas Zacatecanas.  

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A bolillo

  Bolillos warm me. Mexico shines on my plate. I want nothing more.    

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Mi Suegro

People’s Guide correspondent Jeff O’Brien sent us the perfect post for Father’s Day. Tomorrow is Father’s Day.  Today while cooking breakfast I was thinking of mi suegro, my father-in-law.  Don Lencho Bigote.  The first time we met, my then girlfriend left us in each other’s company for several hours while she was at work.  My father in law speaks no English and my Spanish is limited.  Very limited. EXTREMELY limited. We sat on the patio, mostly in silence.  He was […]

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Cow's Head, Corn Fungus, and Barbacoa, Estilo Monterrey

People’s Guide correspondent Jeff O’ Brien tortures us with mouth-watering memories of his Mexican wedding feast. by Jeff O’Brien It was a night years in the making and days in the preparing.  My wife and I had just married and my father-in-law threw what I can only call a feast for the ages.  Food and drink enough for an army. In preparation, my suegro (father-in-law) had spent the day driving around with his newly minted gringo son-in-law. We had picked […]

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