Book Review: Diana Kennedy, Rendered Lard, and the Late, Great Steve Rogers

Originally published in June of 2012, republished in 2017. My dad Steve Rogers was a good cook, maybe even a great cook. He could turn a few wilting odds and ends  into a memorable lunch, and his obsessive interest in traditional methods and ingredients was matched by a fearless creativity that led him far off the beaten path. When I was a little girl, I loved to sit and watch him in the kitchen. Watching Steve cook was like watching […]

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Garlic Chipotle Love Sauce

My cooking project for today was to make the opening recipe in my latest, favorite cookbook: Simple Food, Big Flavor: Unforgettable Mexican-inspired Dishes from My Kitchen to Yours, by Aaron Sanchez. Carl recognized Aaron’s name as one of the judges on a kitchen show ,”Chopped”  I had read a review of this book on either the Seattle Times or the NY times.  I asked for it at our local Deming library.  Don’t know if they ordered it because of me, but […]

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Mushroom Season in the Sierras.

San Juanito, Chihuahua, Feria del Hongos 2013

While It’s Monsoon Season in the Desert, It’s Mushroom Season in the Sierras. Rain! The water of life! Dry throat-parching dust turns to luscious greasy mud. People who have been lethargic all summer come alive and start to smile. Struggling plants that look like weeds become towering corn plants with fat fuzzy ears as big as your forearm. Tenuous little blue flowers on slithering stringy vines bring forth a bonanza of beans. And underground a quiet revolution is brewing. Overnight, […]

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Salsa Database and Adobo Recipe

Salsa at Oaxaca taqueria.

  Chef Verónica Ramírez just called our attention to the salsa database at Tortilla Digital. I’m hankering to try this simple adobo sauce. Here’s a (rough) translation: orégano to taste 7 cloves 5 g of cumin seeds 40 g of lard 250 g of dried chiles guajillos 250 g of dried red chiles anchos 1 head of garlic 2 litres of beef broth salt to taste In a pan, heat the lard over low heat so it doesn’t burn. Grind […]

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Traditional Grilled Chicken Recipe

pollo asado, tender and savory.

Last night Ricardo and I grilled dinner in the garden. He baked potatoes in the dutch oven, and I marinated and grilled chicken. I used a recipe from my friend Jazmin, who grew up in rural Guerrero. The simple guajillo-based marinade packs a powerful punch, and the chicken turned out juicy, with a lip-tingling spice and a smoky undertone. Jazmin butterflies thicker pieces of chicken before grilling. “The secret to barbecuing chicken is to make sure the flame isn’t too […]

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Oh man…I think that it is the funniest and best recipe for anything I’ve ever read!   Fred White wrote:  Dear Lorena,  Carl shared your innovations with making popcorn and I’m trying to remember what exactly it was… Lorena: Here’s our excessively detailed popcorn recipe… Fred: Oh man…I think that it is the funniest and best recipe for anything I’ve ever read! Really…thank you! Lorena: There have been two additions to our popcorn making since that article was written: A portion […]

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Chihuahua Desert Pemex Burritos

I was ten years old and had already eaten my way up and down the country ten times before I encountered my first bona fide Mexican burrito. A burrito in Mexico seemed as out of place as a plate of frog’s legs. “Dad,” I exclaimed. “They have burritos!” Steve chuckled. “Burritos in Mexico. You’ve got to be kidding me!” Detecting some sarcasm, I narrowed my eyes at him. We were sitting in a diner attached to a Pemex station on […]

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Magazine Review: Saveur's "Mexican Issue"

Just got my paws on a copy of “The Mexico Issue” from Saveur Magazine. Amazing! The focus on regional variations of authentic down-home cooking impressed me from the start, and the recipes look great. I particularly want to try this one for squash blossom soup. The photographs are gorgeous, and the editors possess a heartening attention to detail: the magazine doesn’t just skim the surface with recipes from New York chefs or peppy odes to, say, adding chipotle to your […]

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Taste of Zacatecas

State seal of Zacatecas.

If you’re still on the fence about a trip to Mexico, you’ll tip to the southern side when you read Javier Cabral’s excellent article on exploring the culinary treasures of his family’s ancestral home in Zacatecas. If you still can’t quite spring for a trip, the article’s home site, Saveur Magazine, offers  excellent strategies for bringing Mexico to your kitchen, including Javier’s aunt’s recipe for Gorditas Zacatecanas.  

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