Letter from a Reader: Raising My Daughter in Bucerias

In May I posted my own memories of growing up on Mexican time. Reflecting on what I gained from growing up in and out of Mexico made me curious to hear our readers’ stories and questions about raising kids in Mexico. I found some interesting letters in the People’s Guide archives, including Moving to Mexico with a teenage daughter? In addition, Nora Hooper kindly sent me her memories of raising her little girl in Bucerias. “It was the best place […]

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Letter from a Reader: Safe Living in Michoacan

Coat of arms of Michoacan

editor’s note: Julissa Gonzalez sent us the following letter about life in one of our favorite states. We love to hear from those of you who are still living the Mexican Dream. If you have any questions about living or traveling in Michoacán, please post them in the comments section. Dear Carl and Lorena, I was just browsing your site when I noticed that there is a lot of concern on living in Mexico.  Well, I do live in Mexico […]

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Cow's Head, Corn Fungus, and Barbacoa, Estilo Monterrey

People’s Guide correspondent Jeff O’ Brien tortures us with mouth-watering memories of his Mexican wedding feast. by Jeff O’Brien It was a night years in the making and days in the preparing.  My wife and I had just married and my father-in-law threw what I can only call a feast for the ages.  Food and drink enough for an army. In preparation, my suegro (father-in-law) had spent the day driving around with his newly minted gringo son-in-law. We had picked […]

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Letter from a UK Reader–Giving Blood for The People's Guide

Black-and-white photograph of a bohemian looking traveler with a mustache and bandana.

A reader writes: Hi, Just found my very battered copy and a quick google led me here – just wanted to say thanks for The People’s Guide. In 1979 I sold blood in San Francisco to help pay for a copy of your book, but unfortunately I fainted half way through (at the sight of my blood running out of me – in the UK they use opaque tubes!). The good people at the clinic decided I needed the blood […]

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Happy Birthday, Steve Rogers

Happy Birthday to our lost compadre, Steve Rogers. Steve would have been 74 today. Steve was a serious student of Mexican cooking and culture, and his knowledge of Mexico’s highway system rivaled that of the toughest pro trucker. I remember him best in the driver’s seat, tapping his meaty fingers on the steering wheel in tune to a classic country tune as we blazed across the high deserts of Mexico in a rattletrap van. He could  fix your camper (temporarily) […]

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In addition to slaving away on the upcoming 14th (!) edition of The People’s Guide to Mexico, we have finally made the leap to the 21st century (or thereabouts) with a new website. As you can see, we are now live at thepeoplesguidetomexico.com; our archives can still be plumbed at our old site, peoplesguide.com. Lorena has been burning the proverbial midnight oil and endlessly harassing our tireless and talented Web guru Kelly, who, in addition to giving us a new […]

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