Obama Visits Mexico City

  I find it kind of weird that Obama visits Mexico City and the angle the LA Times decides to play up is…people are inconvenienced. Doesn’t that happen anytime el presidente goes anywhere? Evidently Obama is staying in a fancy hotel (of course) in Polanco. The news coverage makes me happy that I didn’t pursue my dreams of world domination. Presidential travel sounds pretty lame. I bet he doesn’t even get to eat any real tacos…

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Taking the Bus in Mexico City

I’m a big fan of the Mexico City subway system, which is super cheap, super fast, and super easy to navigate once you get the hang of it. It’s also remarkably comprehensive. This trip we managed to avoid paying for a cab, and only took the bus once—when we traveled from our van (which we left parked on the far outskirts of the city) to a metro that would take us to our hotel. However, from the sound of it, […]

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Excellent Images of San Judas de Tadeo

A boy with a bare chest and San Judas tatooo.

Ever since I discovered San Judas de Tadeo, I’ve become obsessed. Turns out he’s everywhere. On closer inspection, half the Jesuses (sp?) in Mexico are actually San Judas de Tadeo. In fact, I got home to Oregon and discovered that I had a San Judas candle in my house that I’d never even noticed…So, imagine my delight in this amazing cache of photographs  of San Judas devotees in Mexico City. (The photographer is Keith Dannemiller and his other stuff is […]

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Historical Photo of the Week: Tina Modotti by Edward Weston

Nude shot of Tina Modotti by Edward Weston.

Nude, Mexico                                  by Edward Weston      photo from Getty Museum Archive According to an interesting post at the Getty Museum Archive, Edward Weston shot this photo on a Mexico City rooftop in 1924. He was on the roof to shoot clouds, but got distracted by his lover, Tina Modotti, sunbathing. Another piece to the fascinating puzzle of Modotti’s storied life. Tina Modotti was born in Italy in 1896. As a child, she worked in a silk factory. At sixteen, she followed […]

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Saints in the City

Emo kids carry statues of San Judas de Tadeo, or St. Jude

I am sitting on a rock hard bed at the Hotel Isabel, in a high-ceilinged room with pink and grey walls. I first came to the Isabel when I was only 23, and I still put up with the rock hard beds because the hotel is clean and has just the right mix of actual beauty (twenty-foot-high ceilings in this room), crazy Mexican aesthetics (a gorgeous Colonial lobby painted bright orange and bright blue; pastel furniture that’s straight out of […]

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La Noche de los Mariachis

When Churpa and I walked into the bar at the Hotel Isabel, the only available seating was at a table in the corner. The bar itself was fully occupied by Mexican businessmen nursing Cuba Libres; their ties loosened with their tongues and their coats slung across the backs of their chairs. Hearty pats on the back and deep, raucous laughter made me regret not practicing more Spanish in the three years since my last visit to Mexico. Churpa’s grin at […]

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Good Food in Mexico City

  All my favorite restaurants in Mexico City are taquerias, diners, pubs, or juice stands, but this looks and sounds amazing and Rich and I may have to class it up for a night this January!

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Hundreds of Thousands Rally to Support Obrador

Protestors rally in Mexico City in support of Obrador.

PRD candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador drew hundreds of thousands of supporters to the Mexico City zocalo for the final speech of his campaign. My sainted mother was in the city at the time and sent the photos you’ll see below. She thinks Obrador actually has a chance of winning this Sunday’s presidential election. The PRD, Mexico’s most prominent left wing party, has never won a presidential election, and most analysts are betting on PRI candidate Enrique Peña Nieto. But […]

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