Seven Common Misconceptions about Tequila and Mezcal

A pile of agave cores, ready to be roasted for mezcal.

Tequila and mezcal are made from “cactus juice.” Agave is not a cactus, but rather a member of the botanical order Asparagales, which includes asparagus and narcissus. (Native to the New World, the genus Agave is exceedingly diverse, with well over 100 varieties in Mexico alone.) Mezcal is a type of Tequila. If you want to get down to brass tacks (and I think you do), Tequila is a variation on mezcal, or distilled agave spirits. Mexican laws about the […]

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Awesome Photos of Motorcyle Trip Across Mexico, Circa 1981

Illustration of restaurant from vintage edition of The People's Guide to Mexico

    We recently received an email from a reader, who politely requested to use an original illustration from The People’s Guide to Mexico in a blog post he was writing about his 1981 motorcycle trip from Canada to Mexico. Carl wrote back and told him “sure” and asked him to send us a link to the post. I must admit that I didn’t expect to have my mind blown by an awesome trove of photographs. As some of you […]

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San Sebastion, Mascota & Talpa

Lorena’s note:  a recent email reminded me of this adventure that Karen Kulik wrote about for the original The Peoples Guide to Mexico website back in Feb 2002.   Enjoy! After bumping into Lorena in Ajijic and telling her about our really special trip, she asked me write it up for the website. So here it is. Bob and I have both spent many years traveling and living in Mexico, spending time on land as well as sailing on his boat, […]

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Reader Question: Will Mexican Furniture Stores Ship to the US?

Brightly painted chairs and table, Mexican style.

 A reader writes: Hi, My wife and I would love to visit Guadalajara and purchase all the interior  and exterior furniture, fixtures, art  work, wall hangings  etc.  for our home here in San Diego, Ca.  Is it possible to locate a manufacturer, make the necessary purchases and ship or truck it to San Diego ?  We hope so. Sincerely,  Steve and Alexandra   Hi Steve and Alexandra You’ve chosen a great location for your shopping expedition, and the short answer is: […]

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A Brief History of Tequila

The best tequila I ever drank came to me in a plastic jug. I was young, 20 maybe, with a decidedly unrefined palate. I certainly didn’t think twice about drinking from the unmarked plastic jug that our friend Danny proffered to me. Hey, it was alcohol, right? But even with my unrefined tastes, the second that tequila touched my lips I understood it was something special. It was so smooth, limes would have been an insult. Danny was just down […]

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CEPAD Lambasts the State for Ignoring Human Rights Violations

  The Justice Center for Peace and Development (CEPAD) met in Guadalajara to submit its annual report on human rights in the state of Jalisco. The general consensus: 2011 was not a good year for human rights. “2011 can be defined by a series of breaches of human rights by the authorities of the state and the municipalities…We have shown an escalation of unprecedented violence in the state, and at the same time we see the inability and the inaction […]

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