"Footloose in Mexico"

Vintage topography map of Mexico.

  Speaking of “The Mexico Issue”, I just stumbled across an old Mexico issue of “The Saturday Review”. I particularly enjoyed this article, written in the days where Mexico City was a big place with a population of three million, Cuernavaca was a “small town,” cars were rare on the roads, and the average American reader had never eaten a tortilla. I wish I could have seen Mexico in 1951, but I do feel fortunate to have grown up amongst […]

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The Eye of the Dragon | Cuernavaca an Excerpt

Without delay I set up residence in an inexpensive downtown hotel. I remember it was about four o’clock. I remember because the moment I entered my room, I dropped my backpack, grabbed my recently made jewelry and rushed out to find a place to sell my wares before the sun set.

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