Partying at the Taj Miguel

I like huts and I like vans. I don’t exactly like tents, but I feel at home in the bastards. When I go on a trip to Mexico, I expect to spend the majority of my time camping in the dirt or sand, with rudimentary bathroom facilities and numerous coolers. I do not expect to spend my time in a pseudo-Moorish palace, replete with minarets and sculptures of Nubian slaves. A reunion of the family of friends that centered around […]

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San Pancho Sunset

San Pancho, Nayarit:  Last week I was crumbling cheese for spaghetti and looked out the kitchen window.  The beach is on the open ocean and the surf is too rough for swimming.   But San Pancho was a very friendly town, and we all had a great time visiting with friends and listening to music.

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Flashback Mexico Travel Journals 1992-2013

Dec 31-Jan 10, 1992  Tenacatita, Jalisco (age 13) We traveled through the dessert (which was kind of boring) and then we crossed the border. We then drove down to visit our friends the Huichols. Guillermo had just left for the sierra! Too bad. We had an OK time with the Huichols and I once again tried tortilla making and failed. I can do it with a press, but patting it out by hand is beyond me. (Mine always are full […]

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Los Cabos Dispatch

The coast of Baja.

editor’s note: I was delighted to receive the following missive from our old friends Steve and Jo Knight, whom I met at Tenacatita when I was just a kid. Steve and Jo are seasoned Mexico travelers and now work in the travel business themselves–they are proprietors of an excellent, low key campground/cabin rental/eco-conscious swamp tour business, Okefenokee Pastimes, located at the entrance to the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge in Georgia. I highly recommend their place if you should ever find […]

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Change in Mexican Real Estate Laws?

A sunset on the coast of Jalisco.

  A reader writes: “I read that the Mexican camara de diputados approved a bill in April ’13 that would amend the constitution to allow foreigners to own land along the coasts. I haven’t heard anything since. Do you have info on this issue or a link to a site that might?” To my understanding the bill passed in the chamber of deputies, but the senate has not yet approved it. The bill would amend real estate laws so that […]

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Camping Now Allowed at Tenacatita

A picture of a child running from a hut on the coast of Mexico.

  When the gates came down at Tenacatita after almost three years of blockade, we were told that the beach was open, but no camping would be allowed. In an excellent turn of events, Jesús Julián De Niz Sánchez, the mayor of La Huerta, the municipality that has had official (if not actual) control of the federal zone since a court decision in April of 2012, met with Rebalsito ejido members to talk about their rights and limitations. Among other […]

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The Call of the Beach: Oaxaca!

A hut on a beach in Oaxaca, Mexico.

We’ve been in Mexico for a month when it starts: this nagging feeling that something is missing. We’ve watched the sun set from colonial rooftops, we’ve trolled through dim mercados ogling the produce piled jewel bright, we’ve been serenaded by a mob (and some amateur mariachis), we’ve camped in the shade of a smoking volcano, we’ve hiked the summits of Hierve el Agua…But something is missing. The waking daydream sets in. My fellow beach bums (detest that term, but can’t […]

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