How to be More Like a Local When Visiting Puerto Vallarta

Editor’s note: This is a guest spot from the enjoyable and well written expat blog Team Fuber, which is up for the “best expat blog award” at Expat Blogs. If you want to show your support for Jen and Sam, leave a comment at the contest site.   10. Take off your closed toed shoes; let your toes breathe and feel the fresh air (and get rid of that winter sock tan)! Seeing somebody walk down the beach in shoes […]

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Los Cabos Dispatch

The coast of Baja.

editor’s note: I was delighted to receive the following missive from our old friends Steve and Jo Knight, whom I met at Tenacatita when I was just a kid. Steve and Jo are seasoned Mexico travelers and now work in the travel business themselves–they are proprietors of an excellent, low key campground/cabin rental/eco-conscious swamp tour business, Okefenokee Pastimes, located at the entrance to the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge in Georgia. I highly recommend their place if you should ever find […]

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Fantastico, Part II

Mexican girl with surfboard on coast of Guerrero, Mexico.

        Read Part I of this story here. Jazmin is a complete bad ass. She takes no prisoners and never pussy-foots around issues. For that reason, I felt like she’d be the perfect teacher for me. Condescension is one of the things I hate about trying to learn new physical skills. I tend to be a slow learner, and I don’t pick up new movements quickly. As a kid I was always the worst player on every team and that […]

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Fantastico, Part I

Girls with surfboards in Mexico.

In this era of confessional living, when  ineptitude supposedly makes you loveable and full disclosure proves you’ve got cojones,  it’s easy enough for me to admit that I’m an incompetent athlete, a slow learner, a forgetful reader, a messy cook, and a lazy runner. I can make jokes about the things I’m not very good at. I can admit that I’m a sweaty, broke, disorganized, cellulite-spackled plebeian, who is prone to crippling anxiety and is no better equipped to deal […]

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