Copper Canyon Cave

Since reading Churpa’s post on Rivers in Mexico vs. the US, I’ve been thinking about the The Copper Canyon River system.  This area not only has dramatic scenery and the fascinating Tarahumaras and their culture, but is a wonderful playground.   One of my favorite articles that Carl has written takes place in the Copper Canyon: I was feeling restless this morning, so I decide to explore the mesas and canyons to the _____ of us.  It took less than 30 […]

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    After a hard day on the trail, I’m back at the Sierra Madre Lodge, relaxing in front of a roaring fire. There’s a steaming mug of Darjeeling tea on the table beside me, while outside the last blush of a million-dollar sunset is splashed across the horizon. I was feeling restless this morning, so after seeing off our guests at 9:30 a.m., I decided to take a ‘bus driver’s holiday’ and explore the mesas and canyons to the _____ […]

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1st Annual Caballo Blanco Hike

Hiking Copper Canyon

Divisadero to Urique 2013 March is the best time of year to hike in Copper Canyon, and we took advantage of some free time in our schedules to get some miles in. We’ve been hiking to the ultramarathon in Urique for the last 6 years, but since this was the first year that the race director Micah True was absent, we’re dedicating this year’s hike as the first annual Caballo Blanco Memorial Hike. The last two years we’ve hiked in […]

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Best of Mexico in Pictures: Hierve el Agua

Mineral formations at hierve el agua, warm pools in Oaxaca.

editor’s note: Gina’s pictures are from our expedition to Hierve el Agua, part of an action packed day wherein we visited the ruins of Mitla and the mineral springs pictured below, as well as several mezcal distilleries. Hierve el Agua is located about 70 k east of Oaxaca, past Mitla. You will pay a nominal “road upkeep fee” to the local ejido, as well as a 20 peso entry fee (per person) to the actual site. Once there, you can […]

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Feast of Thorns (Part Two): Tramping the Sonoran Sierras

Hiking in Sonora, a valley of palms in the dry desert

editor’s note: We interrupt the ongoing coverage of The Frank Holton Memorial Road Trip for a much desired update from our favorite Copper Canyon correspondent. The camino real we had been following up and down, and in and out of arroyos and up and over ridges finally ended at a rancho with a corral, a cattle chute and a couple of buildings. The metal cattle chute and trash from store-bought snacks were an indication that a road wasn’t far away. […]

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Slog in the Sonoran Sierras – A Feast of Thorns

As part of our long term goal of retracing the steps of the early known explorers of the Sierra Madre Occidental, we set off from a ranch near the confluence of the Yaqui and Sahuaripa rivers on an exploratory hike. We hope to hike from Sonora to Chihuahua this year, but we’re still trying to find the trailhead! Sonoran Sierra Map To scout the route, we hiked uphill from the ranch house to a panoramic vista that offered a tantalizingly […]

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Letter from a Reader: Sustainable Campground South of PV

editor’s note: This place sounds pretty cool and it’s right in our favorite stomping grounds. Rich and I may have to stop in on our trip south this year…   Hola Carl and Lorena, My wife Holly & I are big fans of yours. We’ve recommended your book and website to hundreds of people over the years! We’re writing you to let you know there is a very unique new campground worth checking out two hours south of Puerto Vallarta […]

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The Copper Canyon Beckons (Again)

Michael Huckaby hikes the Copper Canyon.

This Pamachi hike is something that’s been in the works for a long time. Guaguevo, while more remote distance-wise is actually less remote being a Mestizo town. When we got there in 2008, we found out that the road from Samachique (at the highway turnoff) had beaten us by two years. We arrived there on a Palm Sunday. We hiked up from the Rio Urique and watched the festivities. Segregated throngs of Tarahumaran men and women listened as interested but […]

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Destination: Querétaro

I’m not one to knock the pleasure of sipping a margarita while staring at the azure sea, but I do wish that more travelers would stray away from the coasts to see Mexico’s amazing highlands. Although I love the casual coastal scene, the inland has so much to offer in terms of history, architecture, cuisine, and the finer aspects of Mexico’s culture. SF Gate recently listed the state of Querétaro as one of the five safest states in Mexico. Not only […]

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