Baja Roads, Towns, and Beaches: El Codo's Baja Travel Update

The coast of Baja.

The Baja California peninsula is more convenient to visit than ever. To many PG travelers the most important question is: “Can I still camp there on the beaches, safely?” With the exception of the northern Pacific coast beaches, (Tijuana to El Rosario) the answer is an unqualified “Yes!” More than a thousand miles of wide-open beaches await the wilderness camper.  Baja Car Permits and Tourist Cards If you want to venture much beyond Ensenada or stay longer than 72 hours […]

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The Fine Art of Packing Light

A hamper, a thermos, a pith helmet, and two tigers.

As I recently noted, it’s been awhile since I was forced to pack light. Last year we drove the van to Mexico, and I was able to tote my vintage Samsonite suitcases, overflowing with all manner of impractical items, including multiple pairs of heels, and, yes, two stuffed tigers and a pith helmet. This trip, I’m spending five weeks on the coast of Jalisco and Nayarit, including (hopefully) a few weeks camping, and I’m limited to whatever I can stuff […]

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Flashback Mexico Travel Journals 1992-2013

Dec 31-Jan 10, 1992  Tenacatita, Jalisco (age 13) We traveled through the dessert (which was kind of boring) and then we crossed the border. We then drove down to visit our friends the Huichols. Guillermo had just left for the sierra! Too bad. We had an OK time with the Huichols and I once again tried tortilla making and failed. I can do it with a press, but patting it out by hand is beyond me. (Mine always are full […]

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Oaxaca's San Felipe Campground Open Again

A view of Oaxaca mountainside, near San Felipe del Agua.

Our trials and travails finding camping in Oaxaca last year had us lamenting the closure of the popular San Felipe Campground. I’m happy to report we’ve just received word that the campground is open again, under new ownership. Located four miles north of downtown and adjacent to Benito Juarez National Park, the reopened campground features WiFi, hot showers, water and electricity at every campsite, and many sites with sewer hook-up. I posed a few questions to the new owners, Del […]

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Back to the Basics: One Camper's Fall from Grace

The first time I set up camp in Mexico sans parents, I had just turned 20. Kamari and Sam and I flew into Puerto Vallarta and arrived at playa Tenacatita with tents, a hammock, a one burner stove, a precious cooler, and little else. Our camp furniture consisted of crates salvaged from a local tienda. For two months, we ate crouched in the sand like heathens. We had to keep the beer and the food in (gasp!) the same cooler. […]

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Mexico Ticket Purchased!

An envelope says "par avion"

Due to financial constraints, this year Rich and I will not be able to repeat last year’s 6500 mile road odyssey to Oaxaca and back, and Miss Louisane will have to rest on her laurels in Oregon for the winter. However, I am ecstatic to report that I have purchased a ticket to Puerto Vallarta for this winter, which will allow me to attend the JMP beach party with Lorena and Tina and also the fiesta de toros in El […]

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Book Review: The Ultimate Hang

Hammocks were a big deal in my family. We had opinions about hammocks. I was raised with the gospel of hammocks, and I never deviated. The best hammocks in the world are woven in the Yucatan Peninsula. In a perfect world, one would always buy one’s hammock by the kilo at an ancestral cave-like Merida hammock shop. Cotton thread, not acrylic. Ropes should not be tied directly to the hammock ends. One should lie in the hammock at a slight […]

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El Codo's Tricks for Bug-free Camping

Insects have their place in nature, but that doesn’t mean I want to act as their source protein. The school of hard knocks has allowed me to accumulate some tricks that may be of interest to fellow travelers. ANTS Few insects are more resistant to sprays and baits than are ants and poison is not cool. There is a better way, it’s not bad for you or the environment. But the “better way” must be purchased in the US and […]

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Historical Photo of the Week: Happy National Hammock Day

                                  In Hammock news: We recently discovered the existence of Hammock Forums, which seem like a good way to waste some time, particularly if you can do so while in a hammock. We are also eagerly awaiting the arrival of our review copy of The Ultimate Hang: An Illustrated Guide to Hammock Camping. We pride ourselves on providing one of the first detailed guides […]

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Wide Spots Revisited

“Camping in Mexico is easier after you accept the fact that almost any place can be a campsite, if only for a short time.” The Peoples Guide to Mexico Traveling in Mexico can be an eye opening, even revolutionary experience.  If we allow it, the experiences we have in Mexico, and the lessons we learn from the Mexicans, can influence how we live when we’re back home. One of those ways is brought home as Carl and I head east […]

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