CNN Reports on Canonization of "First Mexican Saint"

CNN incorrectly reports : “Pope Francis canonized the first saints of his papacy — including the first ever honored from Colombia and Mexico.” He did indeed canonize Laura Montoya of Colombia and María Guadalupe García Zavala of Mexico, but the cannon already includes María Natividad de Jesús Sacramento Venegas, who was born in Zapotlanejo, Mexico, in 1868 and canonized in 2001. Not to mention, uh, Juan Diego and all these other male Mexican saints. In fact, check out a 2002 CNN article […]

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Historical Photo of the Week: Tina Modotti by Edward Weston

Nude shot of Tina Modotti by Edward Weston.

Nude, Mexico                                  by Edward Weston      photo from Getty Museum Archive According to an interesting post at the Getty Museum Archive, Edward Weston shot this photo on a Mexico City rooftop in 1924. He was on the roof to shoot clouds, but got distracted by his lover, Tina Modotti, sunbathing. Another piece to the fascinating puzzle of Modotti’s storied life. Tina Modotti was born in Italy in 1896. As a child, she worked in a silk factory. At sixteen, she followed […]

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Question from a Reader: Are Spanish Homestays Safe and How do I Meet People in Vallarta?

Puerto Vallarta at night.

A reader writes: Hello, I am a 43 year old female from Canada and I am thinking of going to Puerto Vallarta to study Spanish for 6 weeks with Spanish Abroad. I would be going by myself and living with a family while studying.  Is this safe? Also, I know there are Canadians and Americans that are retired and living in PVR, is there a network on how to meet some of these people and make some contacts? Thank you. […]

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Letter from a Reader: Raising My Daughter in Bucerias

In May I posted my own memories of growing up on Mexican time. Reflecting on what I gained from growing up in and out of Mexico made me curious to hear our readers’ stories and questions about raising kids in Mexico. I found some interesting letters in the People’s Guide archives, including Moving to Mexico with a teenage daughter? In addition, Nora Hooper kindly sent me her memories of raising her little girl in Bucerias. “It was the best place […]

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Book Review: Maya 2012 Revealed: Demystifying the Prophecy

The Mexican Government is predicting that the coming Maya apocalypse will create a tourism boom of 52 million visitors. The state is building a new hotel at Calakmul to deal with the influx, and government-sponsored, Maya-themed tourist events abound. When I first read about the official 2012 fanfare, I thought it sounded like a desperate gimmick, a weak attempt to use a thin premise to bolster flagging tourism. After all, it takes about 30 seconds with Google to discover that the supposed […]

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Letter from a Reader: Safe Living in Michoacan

Coat of arms of Michoacan

editor’s note: Julissa Gonzalez sent us the following letter about life in one of our favorite states. We love to hear from those of you who are still living the Mexican Dream. If you have any questions about living or traveling in Michoacán, please post them in the comments section. Dear Carl and Lorena, I was just browsing your site when I noticed that there is a lot of concern on living in Mexico.  Well, I do live in Mexico […]

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Snapshots from Mexico: Burros and Mascaras

A wall of Mexican clown masks

editor’s note: My “sainted mother” Tina Rosa just sent me the following pictures from Mexico. Makes me homesick for San Miguel…Oh to be startling a random burro…Though if I’m going to be wishing myself into any Mexican situation, I think I’d be eating a milanesa torta on my way up to the zocalo. Or, of course, swinging in a Tenacatita hammock.

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Baja by Mule–Pointers from the Baja Mule Diva

editor’s note: The tireless David “el Codo” Eidell recruited Baja mule diva Teddi Montes to write this fantastic article for us. Big thanks to Codo, Tedi, and to Trudi Angell for the photos. by Teddi Montes If you’ve never been on a mule, and want the adventure of a lifetime, just once experience a trip into the Sierra San Francisco and see what it’s all about. You can go in for just a one to two nighter, or you can […]

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