Cost of Living Update: Baja

A Mexican peso coin from 1982.

How much will it cost me to live/travel in Mexico? This query has been making our top 10 FAQ for over forty years. Sadly, the answer has changed significantly since 1972, when the first edition of The People’s Guide to Mexico hit the shelves. But take heart! We can’t complain too much with a peso/dollar exchange rate of 15.  Keep in mind that the prices below are for Baja. The mainland, barring major tourist traps, should be a little cheaper. […]

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Shopping Oaxaca Markets: Beyond the Tame

Chiles at Oaxaca market.

editor’s note: Our friends Billy and Kaki Burruss sent this dispatch from their annual trip to Oaxaca. For a little taste of Mexican shopping, venture beyond the tourist shops and head south of the Zocolo into the heart of commercial Oaxaca. In just a few blocks you”ll find the excitement and busy bustle of the Mexican shopper. Unlike our department store shopping, here the shops are squeezed together, each offering a different product. You´ll find shoe shops, fragrance shops (where […]

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Spotted in Eastern Washington

An awesome mural with the Pan Bimbo logo.

  At first I just wanted a picture because of the giant Bimbo mural, but then I noticed the name. “La Barata.” Clearly my kind of place. Also, everyone loves mariachi pigs. Am I right?  

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Mercado 20 de Noviembre!

Woman at food booth in Oaxaca food market in downtown Oaxaca, Mexico.

“I know there’s a market in Oaxaca that has a ton of food stalls,” I said disconsolately. We’d traversed the cavernous  Mercado Juarez in search of fondas, and we were still hungry. “I remember it being right downtown too…” I said, eying a couple of nearby booths. Was it possible that I had missed an aisle? “Let’s just go find a taqueria,” Rich said hastily, no doubt anticipating another interminable death march as I scoured the market for food. Unfortunately, […]

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Saints in the City

Emo kids carry statues of San Judas de Tadeo, or St. Jude

I am sitting on a rock hard bed at the Hotel Isabel, in a high-ceilinged room with pink and grey walls. I first came to the Isabel when I was only 23, and I still put up with the rock hard beds because the hotel is clean and has just the right mix of actual beauty (twenty-foot-high ceilings in this room), crazy Mexican aesthetics (a gorgeous Colonial lobby painted bright orange and bright blue; pastel furniture that’s straight out of […]

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Reader Question: Will Mexican Furniture Stores Ship to the US?

Brightly painted chairs and table, Mexican style.

 A reader writes: Hi, My wife and I would love to visit Guadalajara and purchase all the interior  and exterior furniture, fixtures, art  work, wall hangings  etc.  for our home here in San Diego, Ca.  Is it possible to locate a manufacturer, make the necessary purchases and ship or truck it to San Diego ?  We hope so. Sincerely,  Steve and Alexandra   Hi Steve and Alexandra You’ve chosen a great location for your shopping expedition, and the short answer is: […]

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