Road to Bahia Tortugas, Baja?

Flag of baja california sur

  A reader writes: Need to meet a boat In Turtle Bay in June – – – wondering what the road condition will from the main highway to Turtle? Codo answers: When you are in the town of Vizcanio, fill up your tank at the Pemex gasolinera on your right before the intersection to Tortugas. There is a gasolinera in Bahia Tortugas but it’s an awful long way in case it’s out of gas. In Vizcaino, there will be a […]

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Pointers for Using an ATM Card in Mexico

A Mexican peso coin from 1982.

Notify your bank well in advance of your travel plans. It is common for a bank to freeze a bank account if withdrawals start occurring in a foreign country. In México an ATM is called Cajero Automatico (automatic cashier). Some small town banks do not have a Cajero Automatico. Look for the sign. Small towns frequently have too few banks and too few Cajero Automatico machines to serve customers. Long lines and emptied machines are common. Plan accordingly. Mondays, Fridays, […]

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Any suggestions for a bank in the U.S. which has a sister bank in Mexico? We are hoping to save on those expensive withdrawal fees!

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Exchanging Dollars Into Mexican Pesos?

MX banks won’t exchange dollars!?! Hi Carl, We have had a home in Alamos, Sonora for 18 years. Recently the local banks and those in Navajoa stopped exchanging dollars for pesos unless you have an account and then they’ll only do less than $200. Is this just a local thing, or have you heard about this in other places? I’m guessing it’s got to do with the slide in the peso, but it’s hell on tourism and a big pain […]

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Peso Plunges

The value of Mexico’s peso dropped to 14.1-per-dollar in the last week of January 09. I got just over 10 pesos per dollar in November ’08.

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