A Good Choice for Mexican Auto Insurance?

An '87 Dodge Van in Mexico with palm trees.

Thanks once again to our faithful sponsors, Lewis and Lewis Insurance. To an answer a recurring question: yes, you do need Mexican car insurance.  Lewis and Lewis is a sponsor because we’ve had good experiences with the company. Lewis and Lewis is underwritten by Qualitas, the largest insurer of autos in Mexico. Adjusters are dispatched from Mexico City via GPS to the insured location. The response time is between 20 and 30 minutes. Here’s a few other benefits. The first […]

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Mexico Promotes Medical Tourism

An article in the online English newspaper The News (Mexico City) describes how Mexico intends to promote medical tourism.  Though their present focus is on hispanic communities I’m sure anyone interested in saving money on health care can take advantage of this program. Medical Tourism In Mexico Set To Expand – Mexico The federal Tourism Secretariat presented on Feb. 17 its new initiative to rejuvenate medical tourism in the country, expecting 650,000 visitors, who will spend $US50 million by 2020. […]

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