Should I be Worried About Dengue Fever in Mexico?

Aedes aegypti bites human.

editor’s notes: El Codo and Dobie left some great advice in the comments, so I’ve updated this post to include some info from those who have actually survived dengue. Milenio reports that Mexico may be the first country to approve a vaccination against dengue fever. In the past few years, Mexico has been taking decisive action to prevent the spread of dengue. For example, in Taumalipas the state government recently allocated 80 million pesos to combat aedes aegypti, the mosquito […]

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Ask Codo: Can you find Percocet and Oxycontin in Mexico?

One of the strangest drug policies in México is the almost total lack of “Opioid” type analgesic pain relievers. A check of Mexico’s pharmaceutical manufacturing lists reveals several Mexican owned and sub-licensed foreign firms do indeed produce narcotic drugs for prescription sales – but not for sale in México. Despite Mexico’s reputation as an easy place to buy pharmaceuticals, opioid pain relievers are as hard to get in México as weapons grade uranium is in the United States. Rumor has […]

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FAQ: Medications & Health Care In Mexico

The pros-and-cons of purchasing medications and health care in Mexico has turned into a major topic on this blog and also on our main People’s Guide To Mexico website.  For that reason I’ll now publish medication and health related questions and answers here, so if the topic interests you, please subscribe to the Comments in order to be notified of new posts. March 1, 2010 Carl & Lorena, Thanks for publishing your excellent website “The People’s Guide to Mexico”. I […]

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