Should I be Worried About Dengue Fever in Mexico?

Aedes aegypti bites human.

editor’s notes: El Codo and Dobie left some great advice in the comments, so I’ve updated this post to include some info from those who have actually survived dengue. Milenio reports that Mexico may be the first country to approve a vaccination against dengue fever. In the past few years, Mexico has been taking decisive action to prevent the spread of dengue. For example, in Taumalipas the state government recently allocated 80 million pesos to combat aedes aegypti, the mosquito […]

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A Good Choice for Mexican Auto Insurance?

An '87 Dodge Van in Mexico with palm trees.

Thanks once again to our faithful sponsors, Lewis and Lewis Insurance. To an answer a recurring question: yes, you do need Mexican car insurance.  Lewis and Lewis is a sponsor because we’ve had good experiences with the company. Lewis and Lewis is underwritten by Qualitas, the largest insurer of autos in Mexico. Adjusters are dispatched from Mexico City via GPS to the insured location. The response time is between 20 and 30 minutes. Here’s a few other benefits. The first […]

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Best Ride from Mexico City to SMA?

First class Mexican bus.

  A reader writes: I’m flying into Mexico City August 1st and going to San Miguel de Allende. I’ve found two different ways of getting there and wondered if there might be a better one or which of the two is the best. There’s a bus from the airport to Queretero and a cab from there to SMA. Or, I could take a cab to to Central Norte Bus Station and catch a bus direct to SMA. I was also […]

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Can the PG Help with Pain Meds?

  A reader writes: I have a fracture at l5-s1 all documented and having trouble getting pills for Paine. Can you help? editor responds: Thanks for reading. I’m so sorry you are in pain, but we can not help. It’s actually more difficult to get opioid pain meds in Mexico than it is in the United States. For more info on the ins-and-outs of buying pharmecuedicals in Mexico, we turn, as usual, to our resident-expert-on-so-many-things, El Codo. And on that […]

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Ask Codo: Can you find Percocet and Oxycontin in Mexico?

One of the strangest drug policies in México is the almost total lack of “Opioid” type analgesic pain relievers. A check of Mexico’s pharmaceutical manufacturing lists reveals several Mexican owned and sub-licensed foreign firms do indeed produce narcotic drugs for prescription sales – but not for sale in México. Despite Mexico’s reputation as an easy place to buy pharmaceuticals, opioid pain relievers are as hard to get in México as weapons grade uranium is in the United States. Rumor has […]

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El Codo's Tricks for Bug-free Camping

Insects have their place in nature, but that doesn’t mean I want to act as their source protein. The school of hard knocks has allowed me to accumulate some tricks that may be of interest to fellow travelers. ANTS Few insects are more resistant to sprays and baits than are ants and poison is not cool. There is a better way, it’s not bad for you or the environment. But the “better way” must be purchased in the US and […]

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Buying Medications in Mexico: El Codo's 2013 Update

¡Hijole! How time flies when you’re having fun south of the border. It’s been a dozen years since I wrote my first series of articles on purchasing medicines in México. I look in the mirror and my reflection fairly screams “Senior Citizen!” Medications I once wrote about from a spectator’s perspective are now part of my life and require a goodly part of my monthly budget. Perhaps it is time to take a deep breath and peek at what has […]

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Hot Springs

Hot Springs, often called Balnearios or Aguas Termales are one of the great treasures when traveling in Mexico.  Some are fancy, over-developed spas; some are natural pools of water in the middle of nowhere.  Or a patch of warm, bubbly water in a shallow river.  Or part of a crumbling hacienda. Carl and I have spent almost as much time looking for rumored hot springs as we have searching for the perfect beach.  Thus, reading about Rich and Churpa’s latest […]

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Letter from a Reader: Raising My Daughter in Bucerias

In May I posted my own memories of growing up on Mexican time. Reflecting on what I gained from growing up in and out of Mexico made me curious to hear our readers’ stories and questions about raising kids in Mexico. I found some interesting letters in the People’s Guide archives, including Moving to Mexico with a teenage daughter? In addition, Nora Hooper kindly sent me her memories of raising her little girl in Bucerias. “It was the best place […]

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