Can the PG Help with Pain Meds?


Can I find oxycontin or percocet in Mexico?

Can I find oxycontin or percocet in Mexico?

A reader writes:

I have a fracture at l5-s1 all documented and having trouble getting pills for Paine. Can you help?

editor responds:

Thanks for reading. I’m so sorry you are in pain, but we can not help. It’s actually more difficult to get opioid pain meds in Mexico than it is in the United States. For more info on the ins-and-outs of buying pharmecuedicals in Mexico, we turn, as usual, to our resident-expert-on-so-many-things, El Codo.

And on that note… a cure for pain…sigh…


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  1. -El Codo- says:

    Egads I am no expert. I am merely experienced. And curious. Experts wear suits and have power lunches. My t shirt is tattered and I’ll stop now and then and grunt down a taco. If I possess a gift it is an ability to ask a hundred questions without offending the person being queried (even a federal cop or soldier). If there is single word that describes me best it would be NERD :)