Can I Rent a Car in Mexico and Drive to Panama?


Mexico drug legalizationJust received this missive from a reader:

Hi.  I can’t find any useful information about the logistics of renting a car in Mexico (Cancun), and driving it south to Panama.  Is it possible?  What papers would I need (other than passport)?  Please help!

I’m not in the habit of renting cars in Mexico, and I’ve never driven as far south as Panama. Anyone got anything on this?

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  1. -El Codo- says:

    As somewhat of a joke, I asked about a US rental car to enter Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. You do not want to know the hassles. But I will say it starts with hiring a notario in each country you are planning on entering. In advance. The notario (notary public) in Guatemala wanted eqvt of 60+ US dollars, the one in Honduras wanted over 100 dollars. Each way. Coming and going. This is just the start. Mexican rental companies want their rentals collision and comprehensive insured and that’s possible only in Mexico.

    I went into detail above because many forums will have a respondent write YES or NO and not go into any detail. I’m fairly sure you would appreciate some facts, in addition to a one-word answer.