Good Deal for Calling Mexico


Missing your gente in Mexico? This from our friend Bob: “A good phone card to buy for calling a home phone in Mexico (a fixed home phone, not a cell phone) is El Torito. A $5 card gets lots of time (a 5 minute call cost me about 8 cents) and there is no charge to the person in Mexico that receives the call. I’ve tried lots of different ones and this one clearly seems like the best deal. If you want to call a cell phone there are other cards to choose from, but ask the person at the store, which around here would be a latino mercado. There is usually a charge to the person that receives an international call on a cell.”

photo by Morris Rosenfeld, courtesy of NYPL

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  1. -el codo- says:

    I am looking for “The Reasonable Card” to call most of Mexico. Friends who have cellulars. SKYPE at almost fifty US cents per minute isn’t it. One of my favorite villains, Carlos Slim de Helu owner of TelMex and Tel Cel has created a sneaky empire in which he cries “Look at my cheap telephone rates!” to critics but fails to mention most of Mexico is EXPENSIVE to call cellular. It is FAR CHEAPER to call any USA or Canadian telephone FROM MEXICO on a Mexican cellular than it is to call long-distance within Mexico cellular-to-cellular.

    This trust needs to be broken up. Hey Carlos! (Bronx Cheer!)

  2. Lemonade says:

    If you need to call Mexico using international phone cards, you can buy them online from, it sells phone cards to Mexico, Brazil, India, China, Poland, and more countries, you need to choose best rates and no fee phone cards.