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Rebecca asks: i would like to know if i can buy soma drug in ciudad acuna mexico ? i called my pharmist and ask him what class my meds were. and he said soma is not controlled. but yet he said they had to treat it like it was a controlled because of the F.D.A said thats the way it is . it doesnt make any since to me or him . thats decieveing the public. i read the paper and people get busted for soma as a controlled subs. and its not. do you think i will need a mexico precrisption to go though customs? i sure dont need any trouble.

Carl: if the FDA says that a drug is “controlled” and you want to avoid trouble, the answer is pretty clear — you have to have a legal prescription. Read the extensive information elsewhere on our website about medications and don’t try to second guess the FDA or the border inspectors. Why take a chance?

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  1. kathy says:

    We picked up a controlled substance prescription for Klonopin in Mexico by visiting a doc, explaining the problem, paying 200 pesos for a controlled receta and then filling the receta. One point – fill the receta in the same area as the doc. We were going to wait but luckilly filled in the geographic area of the doc. Turns out he wrote the receta wrong and had to work it out with the farmacia.

    Coming through customs, the official couldn’t care less – but we had 4 kids with us. We were searched – but not nearly as thoroughly as the military checkpoints and they actually seemed disgusted that the only liquor I had was a 1/2 gone bottle of homemade vino de membrillo. Don’t pass up the vino de membrillo – it is amazing!

    Just our experience..

  2. Carl says:


    Your experience is an excellent example of the importance of “doing it right”. Too many people still believe that anything goes in Mexico in regard to buying controlled medications.

    Thanks for sharing your experience.


  3. Doug McCreery says:

    Rebecca’s comment about Soma is interesting, I had an experience in Hermosillo that was enlightening. I had my empty U.S. dispensed generic “carisoprodol 350mg” bottle in hand & visited a farmacia with the assumption that this would be as readily available as it was in Tijuana until 2001. Not so, no receta needed, however, the farmacista provided me with a substitute med (carisoprodol & naproxen) 30 capsulas in a box on blister card- “precio al publico” on the box blacked out w/magic marker. I was provided what I needed, not what I wanted, which is how I try to take life on a daily basis here & in Mexico – thanks Carl, Lorena, Steve (RIP) for the great book,’People’s Guide’, a big help for this gringo contemplating retirement in Mexico.

  4. jon dannille says:

    can i bring oxcycodone to the usa?

  5. Anonymous says:

    what about diabetic drugs without a prescription?
    non insulin dependent diabetic drugs? Glucotrol & Glucophage