Boat Insurance?


An old Mexico travel brochure with ttitle "Mexico in your own Car" and picture of church with agave.Just wanted to take a moment to thank our long-standing sponsors, the excellent Lewis and Lewis Insurance. We highly recommend their services for auto or boat insurance. They are old hands at Mexico and we trust them to give us the real deal. Speaking of which, to get better deals on insurance, be sure to order ahead of time instead of waiting till you get to the border. Check out the Lewis and Lewis website or their page here at The People’s Guide to Mexico for more info on rates and services.


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  1. -El Codo- says:

    I’ve followed three claims from beginning to end handled by Lewis & Lewis. At the end all three customers were satisfied and I am duly impressed with the insurer’s aggressive pursuit of resolving snarls of Mexican Red Tape. It is no fun facing the cops alone. To me, I want the hell out of a Police Station as fast as possible and for legal and financial problems to be resolved as fast as humanly possible. My cranky requirements for aggressive performance of my USA Mexico Car insurance agent pretty much narrows the choice to a single company. And for the cynical reader I do not receive remuneration from anyone. Zero, zip, zilch.