Best Ride from Mexico City to SMA?


First class Mexican bus.

Mexican luxury bus fleet (photo courtesy of Kprateek88).

A reader writes:

I’m flying into Mexico City August 1st and going to San Miguel de Allende. I’ve found two different ways of getting there and wondered if there might be a better one or which of the two is the best. There’s a bus from the airport to Queretero and a cab from there to SMA. Or, I could take a cab to to Central Norte Bus Station and catch a bus direct to SMA. I was also wondering if it takes a long time to get through customs and if I can take opened bottles of vitamins and supplements and oils, etc. Thanks.


It depends on your budget and how confident you feel about dealing with Mexico City. A cab from Queretaro to SMA will be fairly pricey, at least by our cheapskate standards. Mexico City is a fascinating place, and my usual strategy is to take a cab from the airport to the Centro Historico, spend a couple of days exploring, and then go to the Central Norte terminal to catch a luxury class bus to San Miguel de Allende.

If you don’t want to deal with the Big Enchilada, then go with the Queretaro option. Here’s more info on the airport bus situation. And if you don’t want to pay for a cab, you can always catch a bus from Queretaro to SMA.

Customs on the Mexico side is not a big hassle. You may have to wait in a long line of tourists for up to an hour, but you’re not likely to get searched. If you do get searched, it will likely be perfunctory. Vitamins and supplements should not be a problem, provided they don’t contain medical marijuana. You’ll want to have prescriptions for any pharmaceuticals.

The Mexico City airport is large but fairly easy to navigate.

Do our other readers have any advice on this subject?


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  1. -el coso- says:

    Make sure all your supplements are clearly manufacturer marked as far as ingredients are concerned.

  2. Lorena says:

    By the time my plane arrives in Mexico City, I am exhausted. So, like Churpa, I prefer to take a cab to a small hotel, usually on one of the streets leading into the Zocolo. If by myself, I head for the San Antonio, behind La Canada. On Cinco de Mayo as I remember. There are various small restaurant in the area, and the restaurant in Sanborn’s has great people watching.

    Even if I only spend the night, I wake feeling more ready for the several hour trip to SMA..

    There are cab stands in front of many of these hotel, and it is a reasonable ride to the Central del Norte bus station. From here, I’d try to get a first class or luxury bus direct to SMA

    If I’m in a hurry to get to SMA, then I’d take the bus from the airport to Queretaro and catch the next bus to SMA. First class will be more comfortable. But since from Queretaro the ride is only about an hour long, consider taking a second class bus. The windows will probably won’t have curtains pulled across them, offering a more open view of the countryside. And since there will be numerous stops along the way, letting people off and picking up others, you’ll soon find yourself slipping back into Mexican time.